Video Review: Liam Payne & J Balvin “Familiar”

A shirtless Liam Payne dances on a Miami, Florida parking structure with J Balvin. Payne sits in his convertible as a young woman in a bikini leans against the hood.

Payne sings against a black background.

In his car, Payne turns his head and glances at second young woman, wearing an off-the-shoulder top. She smiles at him. He sits on the trunk of his car and watches as a group of women dance in the center.

Underneath several champagne chandeliers, people dance in a club. A third young woman holds her drink as her nose brushes a man’s face. Balvin sits on the couch and raps. A fourth young woman rolls her hips next to him. Payne moves his left arm while Balvin continues to rap. Payne and a group of dancers sway their arms to the left and right. Payne watches a fifth young woman do the splits in front of him and then shakes Balvin’s hand.

Against the black background, Payne smiles.

Rating: 3/5

Liam Payne paid the valet to park his car. He texted J Balvin that he was on his way. On the weekend, a majority of the parking garages were packed. After driving around for a half hour, Payne was able to find an area with a few available spots. He took the elevator up to the third floor and greeted Balvin.

Balvin asked him if he was able to find the garage okay. He nodded yes and then walked to the bar to get a drink. He claps for the Latin pop band playing. Payne takes off his shirt while he talks with Balvin. Some people grab some food while others talk by their cars, leaving them be. Balvin shows him his new convertible car. Payne says he’ll have to take a drive in it someday. In the corner of his eye, he sees a young woman smiling at him. He checks her out.

Balvin taps his shoulder and invites him to a nearby club. Hands in his pockets, he walks with his Balvin to the club. Some people follow behind them, including the young woman and her friends. At the club, Payne buys the young woman a drink and they talk for the rest of the night. She cops to her One Direction obsession and adds that she hopes they will get back together someday. She thanks him for the drinks. He asks her for her phone number and says he a great time with her. He says he’s in town for the entire week and wants to know if she can hang out. She nods and says she’d like that. She’ll text him tomorrow. Payne waves goodbye to her as she leaves.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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