Video Review: Selena Gomez & Marshmello “Wolves (Version 2)”

On her phone, Selena Gomez reads Marshmello’s “hey” text. She responds back with “hiiii” and a waving girl emoji. He says “lol.” She asks “what’s up?” He answers that they should create a video for “Wolves.” She presses Facetime and Marshmello accepts.

Lying on her bed in her bathrobe, she says she loves the song and asks him to play it. She taps her fingers on her cheek and mouths “so good!” She rolls over as she listens. She gets up from the bed and then swirls her hand over head as she steps into the bathroom.

Marshmello bobs his head.

She sets her phone up on the stand and sits on the kitchen counter. Sliding off the counter, she heads towards the camera and touches her wet hair. She holds up her phone and flops onto the couch in the family room. She moves around on the couch and falls onto the carpet. She stands up, holds her head back and laughs. She manuevers the phone in her hand as she opens the door to her balcony. As she walks barefoot down the stairs, her reflection can be seen in the window.

On the porch, she sets the phone up and dances on the picnic table. She sits down for a minute and then slides off again. While walking to her driveway, she looks at the view. Holding up the phone in the garage, she walks by her car. She grins and makes a funny face. The call is dropped.

Rating: 3/5

Selena Gomez hummed the melody of “Wolves” as she walked into her bathroom and brushed her teeth. In the shower, as she rinsed her hair, she sang the song. After tying the knot on her bathrobe, she picked up her phone and texted Marshmello. She can’t get the song out of her head and thinks it will do well. She thanks him for helping her with the song.

Two hours later, after dancing to the song with Marshmello on the phone, she texts him an animal meme she saw online. She puts her hand over her mouth after sending it. Does he think she likes him? She wants to be friends with him. However, he’s a colleague she can really talk to and dating, in this instance, would be crossing a line. While she has gone out with her other collaborators, Marshmello is someone she thinks will have a long-term career in the industry, either has a record executive or a songwriter. She respects him and dating him could ruin whatever professional relationship they may have in the future.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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