Video Review: Toto “Africa”

A globe spins around. Inside a library, a ceiling fan whirrs while David flips through books. The librarian, at her desk across from him, licks her lips as she grabs piece of paper. She stamps a passport and tips her glasses at him as he studies.

The band plays on a stack of books.

David opens another book and holds the piece of a drawing in his hand. A person stands outside the door, viewing the librarian through the thick roped curtain. The person carries the shield.

David touches the book on the shelves with his finger as he looks.

The native positions his spear and hits a mask, startling the librarian. David finds his Africa book. He watches a pile of books fell and crash into the lantern on his desk. A book opens and catches fire.

David sits on the stack of books by himself.

Rating: 4/5

David sorts through his books at home. He calls out to his wife, “do you want these romance novels?” From the kitchen she shouts “no!” He puts the worn copies inside a box. In the basement, he found at least thirty children’s book his son once read. He collected the boxes and puts them in his car. The civic center was holding a donation event for the library. It had burned down after an accident. David had been there that evening, studying Africa for his trip, and gasped as he saw the candle singe the pages of the books.

Coughing, the librarian yelled at him to get out. They ran out the library together. He called 911, choking up as he reported the fire. He and his son had spent many hours there. His son took out puppets and movies. However, for an hour or two, he would sit down and read. Then, as they walked home, his son talked about how the boy defeated the dragon at last second, saving his town and that the sad little puppy found his way back to his yard.

While he reads, he tells his son to turn his cartoons down. “Ok dad!” His son answers. A half hour later, his son runs around the room, asking him about the library. He tells him they are going to be closing in an hour and it’s quite a distance. His son’s shoulder slumps and David apologizes to him. He misses his time with him there. His son returns to the family room and watches cartoons.

Director: Steve Barron Year: 1982

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