Video Review: Debbie Gibson “Staying Together”

Against a violet swirled background, Debbie Gibson hits the clapboard. She rides her skateboard across the stage.

On stage, she stands in the back, wearing a black-and-white striped blouse with puffy polka-dotted sleeves.

She and two male dancers perform a routine against the violet swirled background. Her band members join her and they follow her in a line.

Lit in Carolina blue, she continues to perform on stage. However, she wears a varsity jacket and jeans.

In Bermuda shorts, a white blouse and black jacket, she dances against the swirled violet background by herself.

In black-and-white, she signs autographs for a group of fans. Back in the swirled violet background, her background singers stand by her. In black-and-white, she sits cross-legged in the luggage area of the tour bus. She boxes one of her band members outside their trailers. She rests her head on a piece of luggage in the bus, listening to music, her feet on the wall in her small corner.

Continuing in black-and-white, she performs on stage, wearing the varsity jacket. She and a friend pretend to bump heads while sitting in the bus. Back in color, she gets off the bus.

She juggles against the swirled background while some of her band members and dancers try to catch the balls.

Sitting on a wooden chair she plays a guitar against a peach swirled background. Underneath a tent, a person puts some spaghetti on her paper plate while the other crew members talk during dinner. She touches two of her male dancers’ cheeks and pulls them closer to her while standing against the swirled violet background.

In black-and-white, she wears jeans and a tank top during rehearsal.

Back in color, she holds a silver balloon while standing against the swirled violet background. Her saxophonist, riding a unicycle, takes it out of her hand. She runs after him. Her saxophonist rides by himself and almost falls off it.

She taps drumsticks on her knees while sitting in the wooden chair.

Lit in crimson red, confetti falls on her and the first couple rows within the audience. Back in cornflower blue, a dancer does backflips across the stage. In black-and-white, her band members walk on their knees on stage.

Against the violet swirled background, she blows her bangs out of her eyes. She claps her hands while her band members and dancers join her.

In black-and-white, she walks down the steps of the stage and waves.

Rating: 3/5

Debbie Gibson puts the microphone back in its stand after rehearsal and gets some water. A band member lets her know that a crowd of fans have already gathered at her hotel. He adds that a young man has been asking for her. No one knows who he is and to be careful once she gets back. He tells her to enjoy her break and they’ll see her at dinner.

She gets her cassette player and listens to music as she walks to the car waiting for her. She greets her driver and heads back to the hotel. Her best friend on the road sees her and says the dancers are going to walk around the city for a while before the show. She can come if she wants. She says okay and gets her purse.

While out with her dancers, they take pictures at Cloud Gate in Chicago, Illinois. She asks her dancers’ advice about a jacket she plans on buying as they shop at the mall. They race to the subway to head back to the venue for dinner. As she waits in line, her manager tells her that her mom is on the phone and wants to talk to her. She asks her mom about her day and how she’s doing. She says she’s playing in Chicago tonight and heading to Detroit tomorrow. Her mom wishes her good luck and says everyone misses her. She tells her mom that she loves her and that she’ll talk to her again in the morning.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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