Video Review: Nicole Scherzinger “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

In the back of a car, Nicole Scherzinger slumps in her seat and watches the rain pour in the late night sky. She gets her jeans beside her and pulls them on. She takes off the aqua silk button down shirt and puts on a black tank top. Turning her head, she looks out the back window as her driver heads for the expressway.

At home, she puts her beige knit cardigan over head while she sits in a chair. She walks into her art studio inside her home and into her bathroom. Head down, she puts both hands on the sink and runs both faucets. While the sink overflows, she looks into the mirror.

She walks down the hallway, running her hand over the walls.

In the art studio, she stares at her ceiling while she sits in a chair. The wind blows through the open windows. The sunr rises as she gets up and reaches out her arms in front of the windows.

She turns off the faucets in the bathroom.

Rating: 3/5

Nicole Scherzinger holds her high heels as she tip toes out of her ex-boyfriend’s bedroom and into the family room. As she waits by the window for her driver, she turns her head as he stops snoring. Eyes closed, he rolls over and continues to snore. She heaves a sigh of relief. Her driver pulls up a few minutes later.

Wearing his silk button shirt out the door, she finds his scent, a mix of sour cologne and greasy fast food hamburgers, gives her a headache. She takes it off and changes it her own clothes. It’s finally over. Sleeping with him had confirmed it. Lying with her head on his chest, she was numb as he rubbed her back.

She heads for the bathroom, wanting to take a shower after being with him. In the mirror, she glares at her reflection, knowing she’ll have the same argument with herself once he texts her again. She has known him for years. Whenever her current relationship goes awry, she goes back to him. However, each time she wonders why. Nothing ever comes of them sleeping together.

She decides to stay up and wait for the sun rise. Her phone beeps and it’s him, asking her what happened. She blocks him and then walks to the windows. She opens them, letting the fresh air inside and smiles. It’s finally over.

Director: Rich Lee Year: 2011

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