Video Review: Anne-Marie “2002”

Anne-Marie, wearing a bra top and pants, stands by her high school, her jacket around her arms.

At about ten years old, she and a young man smiled at one another in class. She writes him a note and passes it to him. Six years later, at their private school, she continues to write notes to him in class. The bell rings and she grabs her backpack as she leaves the classroom.

Anne-Marie stands by her locker.

She and her boyfriend carry their lunch trays and search for a spot. She spots the dance team performing in the hallway. Her boyfriend, her friends and Anne-Marie gape at one another, wondering how they will get across. She holds her tray between the dancers. One of them knocks it over.

Inside the auditorium, she rehearses being a puppet in a show with the drama club. Her teacher points out a note. Following instruction, she goes limp.

At the locker, she bites on a strand of her hair.

In black-and-white, Anne-Marie, her boyfriend and their friends exit the school. She sits in the car while her boyfriend plays a basketball game.

Anne-Marie, her boyfriend and their friends dance by a semi-truck. She sprays the hose on the cement.

In black-and-white, a thirtysomething man calls out “hey” to them as he walks to his car. They run out. She bites on the chain around her neck.

She wakes up in class and wipes some drool off her lips.

Rating: 3/5

Anne-Marie returns to her high school to get her transcripts for a job. As she walks to the counselor’s office, she sees the locker she had freshman year and smiles to herself. Tears come to her eyes as she thinks of her boyfriend at the time and friends.

While she waits in the office, she notices the pamphlets are still in the spot on the table. It was only five years ago she graduated, however, time seems to have stopped inside the school. Though, her life has changed. Two years after graduation, she and her boyfriend broke up. He studied abroad his sophomore year of college and decided to stay. She visited him once but she felt as though she no longer fit into his life. Although an engagement finger rests on her finger, she wishes it was to her then-boyfriend.

She scans her social media and one of her best friends tagged her in a “It’s gonna be May” meme. She laughs and types thank you. She and her best friend spent hours watching *NSYNC videos and learning the choreography. To this day, she can still perform the steps.

She thanks the counselor for the transcripts. In the car, her favorite station plays a rap throwback from the 2000s. She turns it up while she leaves the parking lot, 17 again for a few minutes, as she heads to the grocery store.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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