Video Review: Nelly & St. Lunatics “Ride Wit Me”

In an update of the 1977 film, Smokey and the Bandit, Kyjuan’s car breaks down in the parking lot of a diner. Kyjuan, Murphy Lee, and Slo Down walk inside. They pause as they listen to a thirtysomething woman singing off-key and strumming her guitar in the small corner of the stage. All three laugh.

Nelly Nell (Nelly) swings in his hammock and answers his phone. Kyjuan says they need someone to pick them up. Nell tells them “I’m on my way.” Big Lee (Ali) closes the door on his sem-truck. The women inside the truck dance.

Nell, the women, and some of his Nell’s friends hang out by the semi-trucks. Nell makes driving motions with his hands.

The women continue to dance underneath the disco ball in the back of Big Lee’s truck. Nell, in his Trans Am, contacts Lee on his CB radio. Three young women wait on the shoulder of the expressway, their thumbs out.

A young woman dances with Nelly by the semi-trucks.

A second group of young women, chained together on the field, hit the ground with an ax in unison. A third group of women stand in greasy white tank tops and overalls by the side of the road. In the center, the toothless woman winks while the other two pick their teeth.

A second young woman, wearing a wedding dress, kicks her overheated station wagon. Nell picks her up and they speed off.

The sheriff catches up the Big Lee at Tim’s Rims. The second young woman looks in the mirror and spots the police car. A reporter holds his finger over his ear while he talks about the car chase. Behind him, women hold up a “Go Nelly!” sign. Nelly drives past the reporter, blowing off his toupee. The reporter dances during the live coverage.

A man eats his ice cream cone while standing in the road with his cow. He runs to the outhouse. On the toilet seat, he reads a skin magazine. Big Lee and Nelly avoid the cow. However, the sheriff careens into the outhouse. The second young woman cheers.

The sun sets and in the evening, Nelly and Big Lee meet with Kyjuan, Murphy Lee and Slo Down.  Everyone dances in the parking lot.

Rating: 3/5

The Bandit had retired. For a while, the truck drivers went through a series of people and almost gotten caught as a result. However, it was Nelly Nell, who was able to handle the routes and ward off the police.

Knowing they could be facing human trafficking charges, Big Lee had vetted the women and set up the back of the truck with a disco ball, allowing them to dance during the six-hour ride. Along the way, Nelly sees female hitchhikers and women doing community service.

However, it’s when Nell picks up the young bride that the trouble starts. The bride has been reported missing. A sighting from a local rest stop is called into the police. Nell, hearing police sirens behind him, decides he’s going to go out in a blaze of glory.

Nonetheless, Nell and Big Lee are able to escape jail time in exchange for information. The women in the truck and Nell celebrate at the diner.

Director:  Marc Klasfeld Year: 2001

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