Video Review: Sam Smith & Logic “Pray”

In Lake Como, Italy. Sam Smith rides a boat to the Villa Erba.

Logic, inside the Villa Erba, sits on a chair by a fireplace. Smith stands under the doorway, his hands folded while the pianist plays.

Admidst the sapphire fog, Smith walks up the steps. Wearing a red dress shirt and matching pants, Smith sits next to the royal carpeted steps.

Female dancers, wearing red dress, perform in the banquet hall.

A young man, wearing a military coat, stares out at the window of a bedroom. His white horse stands with him.

A butterfly flaps its wings on a golden man’s fingers. Another butterfly pierces his cheek.

Logic raps in the hallway. The young man bends down near his horse. The female dancers sway their arms together in unison. A man breathes hard as he wears a diamond encrusted mask and then removes it.

A second young man stands in the sand in one of the rooms and runs in place.

Smith stands in the hallway as shadowy spirits press through the wall.

The man, painted in gold, watches the butterflies fly around him as he stands by the window. The young man, with his hands on his knees, tries to catch his breath after running in place.

Smith stands by the steps.

Rating: 3/5

The young man in the desert runs from a loud noise he heard in the distance. While he runs, he asks God to let him find an abandoned home to stay and for water. He asks God to spare his life from the elements.

In the diamond encrusted mask, the man talks to God. He states that he knows that he has been vain in the past. Money, not people, have been how he makes his decisions. He promises to let go of his ethical failings and to be a better person.

Sam Smith closes his eyes and folds his hands in prayer. My dearest God, he starts, thank you for what you have given me. He recites a prayer he learned in Sunday school and adds to say hello to a relative who has passed.

The young man in the military coat pets his horse and then bends down in front the animal, asking for forgiveness. He can no longer stay with his loyal and trusting horse. He asks God to provide for his horse and lead him to safey. He leaves.

Director: Joe Connor Year: 2018

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