Video Review: Icona Pop “Just Another Night”

In black-and-white, in Paris, France, Aino leans against her wall, touching her chest. An Italian man sits at a cafe. Aino stands in front of the building, hands on her waist. The Italian man smokes as he walks on the street. Back inside the cafe, he watches as the men carry their ladders into a stockroom.

The Italian man drinks by the Seine River. He whispers into Aino’s ear at the nightclub. Caroline sits next to him, staring at him while she holds her champagne. Caroline stands in front of Aino.

He walks up the stairs to the building and kisses Aino’s neck. He takes photographs of Caroline standing in the same spot. In the study, the man suggests Aino put her hand on Caroline’s cheek. Aino takes off her shirt in bed and she kisses him. Caroline kisses him as she leaves the photo shoot.

He throws roses over the balcony. Aino feeds him at the nightclub. Caroline and Aino put on their striped hats at a restaurant. He eats an ice cream cone while sitting on the sidewalk. Caroline throws her head back while she rides with him in his car. He puts his arm around Caroline at the nightclub, ignoring Aino. He rides his motorcycle through Paris.

He whispers in Aino’s ear and wipes off his brow. Caroline and Aino run towards him as he sits on his motorcycle. A young woman looks at them while she gets on his motorcycle. They drive off.

Rating: 4/5

The world renowned photographer wrote Caroline and Aino letters from his Italian villa. In each handwritten letter, he stated he loved them both. However, he was a frivolous man with a broken heart incapable of committing fully to another. A young woman from his youth drained the purity of love for him, tainting the emotion for eternity. Love was a word he said. Feeling it was something he was unable to let himself do.

Nonetheless, Aino and Caroline were envious of one another. They both wondered whom he liked more in bed. Caroline had to admit the letter to her was unnecessary. She was a fling to him and nothing more. Aino, though, took his absence hard. She cried for hours. She had spent her nights with him making love and walking the city during the day. Caroline could’ve pointed out every mole on his body. However, Aino knew he lost a mother at a young age. She doubted the young woman whom he left with also knew the information.

Aino and Caroline never brought him up again. However, during some photo shoots, Aino would make comments about sharing to her in the dressing room and glare at her while she drank some water. Aino could be civil with Caroline. However, as Caroline found out, she wouldn’t divulge her secrets anymore. Caroline carried on her relationships with the men they met on tour and during work. Aino only glared if she spoke with a man Caroline assumed she was dating. Caroline smiled and left him alone.

Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2014

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