Video Review: Kygo & Miguel “Remind Me To Forget”

Miguel sits in royal blue lit family room, watching the fuzzy lines on the television. Above him. a cracked ceiling leaks water onto the floor. Sparks from a lightbulb graze his arm. The ceiling fan breaks. Miguel stands by the television.

A young woman touches the broken window in the same room. Wearing worn ballet shoes, she raises her leg and kicks. She pirouettes on the shredded carpet. The window shatters.

Miguel walks around the room. The chandelier falls onto the rug. The walls explode behind him.

The young woman spins in a room of crooked picture frames. She throws her head back and pieces of glass fly in the air.

Kygo plans the piano while the lightbulbs spark as they break.

The young woman lies on the couch, dust covering her body while the wall disintegrates. The keys on the piano lift up one by one. Kygo sits on the bench and watches the keys fly. Kygo walks away.

Rating: 2/5

The house is no longer Miguel’s. He wants to punch a hole through the walls and unhook the fixtures from the ceiling. He wants to the lightbulbs to overheat and pop. His ex-girlfriend, who used to live with him, took away the comfort the day she moved out.

She was a ballerina who traveled around the world. On her off days, she would sometimes practice in the family room. From the kitchen, he would watch her pointed feet as walked through the movements. Every mundane movement seemed to be choreographed as she glided across the room to turn off the television and then spun around in the kitchen, placing her hands as his waist as she kissed him.

The beauty is gone in the home. It’s a cold, dank place where he watches the television until it turns off for the night. He chokes up as he paces around the house. She’s his ghost, rattling the picture frames and knocking over tables. Dust clouds his eyes while the roof leaks behind him. His family tells him to call someone. However, he prefers to shiver and let the mold grow.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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