Video Review: Kane Brown “Heaven”

In an ivory lit apartment, Kane Brown waits by the microphone. As the music starts, he looks down and shakes his hands. Wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap, he starts to sing. A thick string of ivory lights are curled into a fixture behind him.

Outside, the businesses prepare to close for the night. Brown puts his head down again and clutches the microphone stand. He puts one hand over his heart and looks forward. Ivory lights are strung on the ceiling. He closes his eyes and tilts his head to the right while he sings.

Rating: 3/5

Kane Brown drives into the city to his new apartment. He searches for an available spot in the structure and takes the elevator down to the first floor. He greets the doorman and takes another elevator to his floor.

He turns on the light switch and watches as the string of lights he set up around the apartment glow. Plugging in his microphone, he starts to sing, easing the stress from the day. Afterwards, he sets up a calendar in the living room. Circled are the dates for the cable company to install the wi-fi, estimated arrival of the appliances and the final inspections.

Through the windows, he can hear the cars honk and the bursts of laughter. He opens the window and smells the blend of hamburgers and chicken lo mein. He takes out the microphone cord from the outlet and takes a picture. He walks around a bit and then turns off the lights. It’s a 2 hour drive back to parents’ house in the country.

Director: Alex Alvga Year: 2017

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