Video Review: Ashlee Simpson “La La”

Somewhere in suburbia around 8:30 p.m., Ashlee Simpson and her best friends walk on the street in the neighborhood. Simpson rolls around on her couch in the family room.

Her friend opens the door, holding a lollipop. Simpson takes the lollipop using her mouth. Across the street, a SUV is parked by the curb. A boat sits in the driveway. Simpson climbs on the SUV and starts to dance on top of it. She kicks the garbage can. Her guy friends ride their bikes.

Simpson dances in the parking lot of a donut shop while her friends stand by the entrance, watching her.

In her driveway, she talks on her cellphone by her car while her guy friend stands at the passenger door. While sitting with her friends in the driveway, a guy friend of theirs flexes his muscles in front of them. She and her best friends clap as they watch another guy friend perform a trick on the skateboard.

While walking down the street, she throws a water bottle at her guy friend riding his bike. A friend jumps into a grocery cart and they pull him around the parking lot. Simpson plays a video game with her best friend at her house. One of her best friends hugs her boyfriend.

Simpson jumps on the pavement as about 50 of her friends drink and swim in the pool in her backyard. She tosses one of her guy friends into the pool. She kisses her crush at the party. A police officer points to his watch and tells them to time to wrap it up. A male classmate throws all the plastic cups and food off the table.

She and her friends run to the laundromat and continue to party. Her best friends wheel in the keg. Another friend places the stereo on a washing machine. Simpson dances on top of a washing machine.

Rating: 2/5

Ashlee Simpson recounts her discussion with the police officer at the precinct with some of her friends at lunch. The police officer asked her if she was responsible for causing a public disturbance. She had shrugged and said she wasn’t aware of the law. She and her friends were just having fun. The police officer told her the owner of the laundromat lost customers that night and was planning to press charges. She burst into tears and said she didn’t mean to do it. The police officer said he’d be right back. “What happened?” A classmate asked her, putting down her sandwich. “I got off.” Her classmates exclaim that she was lucky. She smirks that the police officer had no choice but to let her go. She tells everyone goodbye. She has to meet her someone. Her best friends giggle.

However, she has to work some shifts at the laundromat. Her parents struck an agreement with the owner of the laundromat, pleading for leniency on her behalf. It’s going to be her part-time job until the school year is over. She rolls her eyes. Her social life is going to be ruined. She walks out of school, skipping third period. A teacher nods at her. She’s popular and therefore, trustworthy. They need her for the basketball team. No one in administration is going to discipline her.

She and her friends giggle at a quiet female classmate, wearing a Clash t-shirt. “Poser!” Simpson whispers loudly to her. “Do you even know who is on your t-shirt?” The girl retorts. She and her friends laugh. “Wow! Someone’s got a nasty mouth.” Simpson responds. “That’s why you could never hang out with us.” Her best friend says. “Who is on my t-shirt?” she asks in a whisper to her guy friend sitting next to her.

In the halls, she tugs on her crush’s t-shirt. She tells him they are going out this weekend. He darts his eyes from left to right. “I have plans.” He tells and starts to walk away. She pulls him back to her and demands that he break them. “My girlfriend wouldn’t like that too much. I’ve got to get class.” She crosses her arms in front of her chest and glares at him. She texts her best friend and says they get revenge on his crush’s girlfriend. “It’ll be a lesson she needs to learn” she writes. Her friend texts back that no one in school won’t ever date her again once they are done with her.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2004


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