Video Review: Kelly Clarkson “Meaning of Life”

Kelly Clarkson looks out of the window of a darkened mansion. In the hallway, she runs her hand over the chipped paint on the walls. She passes by the broken chandelier on the disintegrating wooden floor in the family room. Various band members play throughout the mansion.

She walks towards a winding tree with twisted limbs planted in the middle of the living room. While the wind enters through the open windows, she dances as she looks at the backyard.

With new tile installed and lilacs growing on the columns in the living room, she walks inside and performs with her band. In the hallway, she touches the tips of the flowers.

Wearing a sequined dress, she stands between the tan columns early morning in the garden. River runs in the grass and helps baby brother Remington as he crawls. River hugs Clarkson.

She walks up the stairs to the second floor of the mansion.

Rating: 4/5

Kelly Clarkson believed she would always be lonely. Every man she had dated had disappointed her in some way. Some had used her for her fame while others thought they were doing her a favor. Back home, she visited her friends and spoiled their children. She was “Aunt Kelly” to them. They pulled on her shirt and asked her to play while she talked with her friends. On the airplane ride to Los Angeles, California, she wrote in her notebook and tried to avoid the ache inside her chest.

Then, her now-husband, asked her out on a date. For years, he had been off-limits and she didn’t think anything would happen. However, he changed her life, blessing her with the family she had been wanting. With him, she has two beautiful children. He listens to her as she vents and offers advice, if asked. He’s understanding of her schedule and helps around the house.

She wants to teach her children to be brave and stand up for themselves. She can trust her husband to put them first. The angst and worry which had consumed her during her 20s has dissipated. In her 30s, she has found what been missing in her life for so long. The love of her children and husband is unmatched, a powerful emotion which takes her guard sometimes as she cooks in the kitchen or drives to work.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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