Video Review: Kool & The Gang “Cherish”

The white waves roll and crash to the shore at sunset. At night, Kool & The Gang perform on the beach while torches burn by them.

A young woman, wearing a bikini, walks in the ocean. A little boy tugs at J.T.’s shirt and points to the young woman. J.T. races over to her. He kisses her hand and she puts her hand on his chest as they walk on the sand. The young woman lies on the blanket and J.T. follows, resting his arm next to her. Taking her hand in his, he touches her nose with his finger.

The bride and wedding party walk on the beach. A person rides a white horse. Seated at the head table, the bride and groom drink some wine as they watch the ocean. J.T.’s grandma plays with his baby niece. The bride throws the bouquet. J.T. and the young woman walks around the table. They watch as an artist draws the bride.

As the little boy builds a sandcastle, the young woman puts her finger to lips. The little boy watches J.T, and the young woman leave to walk on the beach. At night, J.T. cuddles with the young woman during the bonfire with the wedding party. She puts her hand on his chin and kisses his cheek. He toasts with his friends as she runs off. He looks for the young all night. In the morning, he sees her dress on the sand and picks it up.  Underneath she wrote, “cherish the love.” Her fin flaps through the ocean as she swims.

Rating: 5/5

J.T. clapped his hands while his best friend and fiancée got married on the beach. During photos, his best friend asked him how he was holding up. J.T. shrugged and told him he was all right. His best friend puts his hand on his shoulder, saying he’ll find someone. J.T. sips his drink and laughs to himself. He’s been single for five years and doesn’t see himself marrying someone anytime too soon.

He sits with his nephew on the sand and helps him with his sandcastle. His nephew asks him “who’s that?” as a young woman walks in the ocean. He jogs to the shore and asks her if she’s all right. She nods yes and asks him where she is. She explains that she was on the other side of the island a day ago and somehow got turned around. He assures her that he will help her in any he can.

He invites the young woman to the reception. They talk and kiss while they dance to the slow songs. At the bonfire, he tells her he hasn’t been this happy in the longest time. She gives him a kiss and tells him she’ll be right back. He turns to her to ask if she wants another drink and realizes she’s gone.

All night, he searches the beach for her, calling out her name. On the beach, he discovers her dress and a message. He smiles to himself, wondering who the mystery woman was who helped him believe in love again.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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