Video Review: Eddie Money “I Wanna Go Back”

In the music room, lit in scarlet red, a drummer plays his single drum and then the saxophonist. A gold disco ball spins in a high school gym. Crepe paper covers the some of the scoreboard. A section of the crepe paper twists from the ceiling.

From the backseat of a cab, Eddie Money looks at the storefront of his old neighborhood. The cab driver parks in front of his high school. He walks into the gym, moving the streamers over his head as he shakes his guitarist’s hand.

Twenty years ago, a deflated balloon lies on the floor of the gym.

His crew takes down the disco ball and the streamers. They set up the amplifiers.

Twenty years ago, someone kicks a balloon. Another balloon is thrown in the basketball hoop.

On stage, Money performs with his band. He points to his fans.

Carrying a plastic cup, he walks down the hallway and heads to the basement. He touches the light overhead.

Twenty years ago, his classmates dance to the fast song by the band.

Money leaves the school at about 7 pm and walks on the sidewalk.

He opens the gym door and finds himself back at the dance he went to 20 years ago. He spots his crush who smiles at him while she glances over his shoulder.

In present time, he touches fan’s hands in the first row while performing. He pumps his arm while he sings.

An hour later, he circles back to the high school and waits for the cab.

Rating: 3/5

After graduating, Eddie Money met his parents and siblings in the auditorium. They hugged him, telling him congratulations. He told his family he was ready to go. He didn’t want spend anymore time there than he already had. The four years were over. He was ready to start the next chapter in his life.

The first decade out of high school he avoided reunions and focused on establishing himself. He finished college in North Carolina. He chose to stay there while he looked for a job. On his lunch break, he reconnected with a female friend from college and ended up getting married. They had a child together.

However, the second decade was not as kind. He and his wife divorced. A promotion at his company fell through and he struggled to find another job. After work, he took some night classes to learn some new skills to help him. Once the semester was over, he put in for a week’s vacation and told his parents he was visiting them.

Returning home, he was surprised to see the theater closed. It was where he and his friends hung out during the weekend. Driving through the neighborhood, he saw his first crush’s house and wondered if she still lived in the area. He asked the cab driver to drop him off at the high school.

Walking inside, though, brought him to tears. He was instantly 18 again, rolling his eyes at the prom signs while he walked with his friends to class. He peered into his homeroom, thinking of when he stared at her from the back row as the teacher handed out paperwork. He checks to see if a reunion is planned. This time, he won’t miss it.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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