Video Review: Niall Horan “On The Loose (Version 2)”

Niall Horan, midway through the show, jerks his guitar as he plays. Millions of people film him on their phones. At the Brixton Academy, he claps during rehearsal. He pretends to drum while standing at the microphone. Before the show, he puts his hand behind his back and hops.

His drummer plays with a towel over his head. His guitarist plays on the couch in the dressing room. Horan waves to the crowd. NH lights up in gold on the stage. His guitarist laughs while he plays with his back to the audience. Horan grins his guitarist as he strums on his guitar.

Horan sits at his piano and waves. Backstage, he listens to his manager and talks with his band members. He kicks his leg up as he plays the guitar. Lit in royal blue, he glances at his drummer. He performs by his drummer and then walks towards his guitarist. He jerks his guitar as he plays the drummer and scrunches his face.

He jumps on stage and then talks to the audience for a few minutes. Bending down, he continues to play and turns to his band. The lights dim as he stands at the microphone.

Rating: 3/5

Niall Horan receives a notification on his phone that he has been tagged in a video. One of his best friends from the tour posted it on Facebook and saying it was a great time. He watches it all way through and thanks his friend for making it.

A friend comments “how professional!” He likes the comment. With One Direction, he could goof off before the shows and run around the hotel rooms. The pressure wasn’t on him. He had to show up, sing, perform the routine as accurate as possible and party the night away if he wanted. However, he currently has thousands of people depending on him every night. His show pays for their salaries. One drunken night could derail the tour or at worst, end it. Liam, Harry or Louis aren’t there to cover for him. It’s all on him.

He sets his phone to wake him up early tomorrow. He has a meeting with the record company about his next album. On his table, he finds his notebook with first drafts of songs and places his guitar near the door. The executives may ask to hear what he has written so far.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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