Video Review: Ariana Grande “No Tears Left To Cry (Version 2)”

Upside down against a charcoal background, Ariana Grande, wearing a lavender tank top with tanned skin and ice blue hair, starts to sing. An oversized ice blue tear falls down her cheek.  She closes her eyes and tilts her head. Three more ice blue tears fall from her eyes. She laughs and puts her hand, which is in her stonewashed denim jacket, on her heart.

She turns her head from left to right as she moves her shoulders towards the front. She bends forward, pushing her head out of the frame. Closing her eyes, she continue to sing. She places her chin on her shoulder.

Rating: 0/5

Ariana Grande has been trapped upside down for several hours. She believes something may have malfunctioned while she was taking her lunch. Her employers send her a text stating they are working on it and she won’t be docked any pay. In the current world, technology is connected within the ground. A series of errors on the sidewalk could cause people to be frozen in place.

However, it’s happened before. The person next to her begins to freak out. She believes the person is new and listens to the tinkling music playing. Below, she can hear as the tech support robots correct the wiring and input the new codes. She checks her watch. It notifies her that it has called her boyfriend, letting him know that her estimated time for arrival is now extended to an hour.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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