Video Review: Gnarls Barkley “Crazy”

Within a Rorschach  inkblot sample, Cee-Lo Green sings, a squirrel forms on screen. The silhouette of Cee-Lo’s face appears on the sides. It transforms into a dancing rabbit with human legs. Two men sit beside one another, praying. A bull breathes out of its horn. Green’s head is drawn within the horns.

An angry smiley face passes by and then a drawing of Danger Mouse. A heart pumps and bursts, forming Green’s face on the left and right. The inkblot bleeds further onto the page, leading to a Green’s head drawn into a robotic spider.

Green sings on the sides of a butterfly’s wings. Danger Mouse stands in a forest. Danger Mouse, his image duplicated, nods his head while caterpillars crawl on his face. Green’s heads form a flower. A devil laughs and bats fly away from a jester devising a plan in his lair. Green sings in the Gnarls Barkley logo.

A rainbow forms over a tiny cottage. The halves of Green’s face become whole. Green sings in an animal’s lungs. Bugs scurry across the screen. Green sings within a bird’s wing.

Rating: 5/5

According to the Guardian, the Rorschach test looks for mental illness as well measures a child’s imagination. There are meant to reveal to what people try to hide. The tests have been used in courtrooms and for job interviews. Depending on what a person sees, it can tell a story of their lives.

Hales uses the inkblots to delve deep into psychosis. He skirts on the edges of mental disturbance with the use of devil and bugs. A high score for mental disturbance seems to be the end game. It challenges the basis of the test itself, debating whether it can actually prove mental issues or emotional trauma.

The standard personality tests needed for job interviews seem to be a watered down version of the Rorschach. ABC News reported that a woman sued Kroger, citing discrimination due to her disabilities, over her failure of a personality test. However, people have learned to fake the answers in order to get a face-to-face interview. Some people avoid going any further in the job process if the test is included.

A sample test can be taken here. 


Director: Robert Hales Year: 2006

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