Video Review: Big Boi & Adam Levine “Mic Jack”

Adam Levine stands behind the counter at the dry cleaners and Big Boi with a “how are you doing?” Big Boi rings the bell several times and Levine says to him “really?” Levine asks for a last name. Big Boi answers “Pat” as he rings the bell again. Levine side-eyes him and apologizes for not finding his name. Big Boi suggests “Daddy Fatsacks.” Levine answers no and offers to look in the back for his clothes. Levine asks him to not to ring the bell again. “Wait right here,” Levine says while Big Boi rings the bell. Levine asks him again not to do it. Big Boi grins as he rings it while Levine walks in the back.

Levine points the pink note card as he walks into the back. He tosses a few shirts onto the floor. His female co-workers put the clothes inside the garment bags and hang up them up on the line. Levine returns wearing a white fur coat and hands it to Big Boi.

Big Boi stands with several young women inside a spaceship wearing white fur coat. The women bob their heads.

A female co-worker shows Levine a plaid coat. He wanders around the aisle, asking for help. Big Boi hands him back the white fur coat.

Big Boi dances with the women in the spaceship while a female co-worker gives him a blue shirt. Levine looks through another rack and takes a spacesuit.

Big Boi, wearing the spacesuit, flies around in space. A female co-worker searches in another rack for Levine. LevineĀ returns to the back and Big Boi notices a white dress shirt.

In the family room of his mansion, his wife and children sit on the couch, playing on their phones. Four women appear and dance on the tables. The children dance with them. Big Boi and his wife laugh.

Levine tells him one minute. Big Boi sees a pair of floral pants.

Big Boi wears the pants in the middle of a parking lot, watching young women wash cars. The women scrub each other with the sponge. One young woman brings the sponge up to her hip, letting the water soak her shorts. The women bend over in front of him in unison.

Big Boi rings the bell again. Levine apologizes and says he can’t find it. He adds that the “people don’t know what they are doing back there.” Big Boi asks him if it’s the Stankonia Cleaners. Levine answers that it’s not. Big Boi turns to his driver and tells him that “you drove me to the wrong spot.”

Rating: 2/5

Adam Levine stands at the counter, watching the clock on the wall. Only one more hour and then he can go home. It had been a long eight hours. Two customers shouted at him that they gave him the wrong clothes. Another customer said her dress was damaged and that she was going to sue them. Levine shrugged it off.

He put his phone down as he heard the door open and greeted Big Boi. Big Boi began playing with the bell as if were a toy. Levine scolds him and tells him enough. He had mentioned to the owners about getting rid of the bell. However, they stated it was necessary in case everyone was in the back and a customer needed to get their attention. Levine fiddles it with during slow periods, trying to break it. However, a customer walks in every time.

Levine gets Big Boi’s name and starts the search. He looks at the clock and realizes he’s already 45 minutes over his shift. He throws his head back by a pile of clothes. thinking of all the traffic he’s going to hit now on the way home. After an hour, he tells Big Boi sorry and places the blame on the women in the back. Then, as it turns out, Big Boi didn’t know where he was. It was an hour wasted and he isn’t going to get paid overtime for it. Levine clocks out the moment Big Boi turns to leave.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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