Video Review: Justin Bieber “One Less Lonely Girl”

Justin Bieber dances in the street in the afternoon. Behind him, the lunch rush from the restaurant has left, leaving the tables empty.

A young woman walks into Kleen-O-Matic Laundromat, carrying her basket of clothes. Bieber sits in a table, smiling as he watches her load the washer. She grins as he plays a song for her. As she walks with her basket, her scarf slips through her fingers and drops on the floor. He picks it up and devises a plan.

The next weekend, he hangs drawn arrows on the poles and takes a picture with a Hershey’s candy bar. She returns and checks for Bieber. As she puts her laundry in her usual machine, she reads the note: “I have your scarf. If you want it back, come find me!” She smiles and leaves the laundromat.

She takes down the first arrow and stops at the candy store. The clerk gives her the next note, which reads “I will buy you expensive chocolate.” She laughs.

At the pet store, he asks the clerk if he can take a picture one of the puppies. She reads the note he left at the pet store: “I will shower you with kisses.” He hangs up more arrows.

Bieber points while he stands on his porch. Golden lights hang on the railings.

She picks up the arrows from some of the tables and stops at the flower shop. The clerk gives the third note, which reads, “I’ll give you flowers.” The clerk hands her a flower and she sniffs it. On a window, she sees a note that says “I’ll make every day magical.”

She opens the door to his home and her mouth forms an “O.” He puts the scarf around her and they dance.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman closes her locker and kisses Bieber before she goes to class. He wishes her good luck on her test. She tells him “thanks.” While in study hall, he writes in her yearbook that he loved her throughout middle school. He didn’t even think she would talk to him. However, she has given so much and he’ll love her forever. He turns the page and sees the picture of them featured among the cutest couples. In a month, it’ll be four years since they have been together.

After seventh hour, they meet at her locker and walk hand-in-hand to his car. He drives to her house and greets the dog he gave her. Her mom calls out “hello!” Her mom gives them both hugs and asks them about school. Bieber says he can’t believe it’s almost over. He hands her mother an invitation to his graduation party. Her little sister walks in and rolls her eyes . Her little sister drops her books on the dining table and opens the refrigerator. Bieber gives the young woman a kiss and her little sister says “Ew! I’m eating my yogurt.” They both laugh. “We’re going to watch a movie!” Her little sister scoffs.

They make out on her bedroom floor. She says she needs to get up for a moment and asks him if he still wants to be with her. Bieber nods. “What’s wrong?” He asks, pushing a strand of her hair back. She explains that in two months they’ll be heading off to college and maybe he’ll want to be single for a while. Bieber kisses her and tells her she’s the only one he wants. She grins and says it what she needed to hear.

Director: Roman White Year: 2009

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