Video Review: Luke Combs “Beautiful Crazy”

Inside Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennesse, Luke Combs asks the name of the song. The producer, Scott says that it’s called “Beautiful Crazy.” Combs says “check 1,2” into the microphone and asks if they “should run with a song?”  Scott throws the question back at him, responding with “what do you think, Luke?” Luke answers yeah. He believes the song is done and to “give the people what they want.”

At the microphone, he holds the lyric sheet to his face. He tells Scott “you’re going to see me master the selfie” as he looks into his phone.

The producer writes down notes about the music as Combs records. The secretary prints the lyric sheet for the musicians and works at her computer. The keyboardist plays as Scott nods his head, listening.  The guitarist reads the music while he plays. The drummer glances over at the music sheet as he plays.

A second producer comments “Love that!” Scott says that it was amazing. Combs says “Cool. Thanks.” Scott offers to buy everyone free drinks.

Rating: 3/5

Luke Combs takes a sip of his water and hums the melody to himself. Scott, the producer, tells him they are ready for another take. Combs stands at the microphone and puts on his headphones. He gets out the first verse, which sounds a little off in his ear. He looks to Scott for a grimace. By the second verse, Scott tells him to stop.

Scott explains that his vocals have to be cozy and tender. Combs nods and thinks of the first woman he loved. He visualizes his first love messing up an apple pie or spilling wine on herself after laughing. He smiles to himself and wonders if he should try to get back in touch with his first love.

On the third take, Scott makes it through the verses and the choruses. However, the bridge is coming out rough. He asks Scott if he can do it again. It didn’t sound right to him. Scott nods and everyone begins at the bridge again. After the third take, a chord on the guitarist’s instrument breaks and he fixes it during a break. Scott and Combs walk to the nearest diner and get some lunch.

After the fifth take, Scott says they are done for the day. Scott says that drinks on are him and to meet him at the bar in about half an hour. Combs texts some of his friends to see if they want to come. The musicians put their instruments back in their cases and talk to Scott to see if they are needed for any more sessions. Combs calls his manager and lets him the song is ready for the meeting on Monday with the record label.

Director: Peter Zavadil Year: 2018

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