Video Review: Fifth Harmony “Don’t Say You Love Me”

Inside an empty apartment, Lauren, wearing a white, one-shoulder gown looks down and then outside the window. Dinah Jane, in a white halter dress, stares out the window. Ally Brooke, in a black high-low dress, leans against the wall and stares the ceiling. Norman, wearing a black turtleneck, beaded dress, hugs her arms.

Lauren touches her heart as she looks out the window. Dinah Jane twirls by it. Ally Brooke leans against the window. Normani folds her hands near her nose and runs her hands through her hair.

With their backs towards one another, they stand in a circle. They turn to each other and hold hands.

Normani gives one final glance and leaves. Dinah Jane stares right ahead as she opens the door. Lauren sighs and takes a quick look. Ally Brooke smiles as she gazes at the flowers in the garden. The door remains ajar.

Rating: 4/5

The house has been sold. For several years, Normani, Lauren, Ally Brooke and Dinah Jane lived and worked together. Dinah Jane finds a wine bottle from the night before and throws it in the trash. Ally Brooke searches through the closets. Lauren checks the status of the delivery of her stuff in an app. Normani talks with their neighbor and gives her each member’s new address.

They gather in a circle before they leave. Normani bursts into tears, saying she will miss all of them. Ally Brooke chokes back tears and nods. Lauren, though, tells them not to be scared of the unknown. They will be all right without each other. Dinah Jane seconds it, stating new opportunities will be available to them.

Dinah Jane hugs everyone and walks out. She knew the end was inevitable and was simply waiting it out. Lauren checks her messages on her phone and says she has to go right now. She’s running late for her flight. Ally Brooke puts her arm around a sobbing Normani as they walk out. Normani says she doesn’t know what to do now. Ally Brooke squeezes her shoulder. She really has no idea what to say. She’s as scared as Normani.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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