Video Review: Mandy Moore “In My Pocket”

Wearing a peach one-shoulder top and rusted gold washed jeans, walks into the club. She spins around near a neon sign of a woman. Glancing over her shoulder, she watches some shirtless men dance. Lit in lime, beads swing in front of her as she stands by the throne.

She beckons a young man to dance with her. A young woman, wearing a red wig, a t-shirt and jeans, dances with her boyfriend. A second young woman, wearing an American flag bikini, raises her arms over her head as she dances.

Lit in magenta, she continues to stand by the throne.

She smiles as the watches the thirtysomething woman move the flamethrowers back and forth. Two men box on the ceiling.

Lit in magenta, she closes the fan as she stands by the throne. She opens it again and fans herself.

Several men carry her on a litter. She gets up and some children hug her. She sits on the throne and claps for the shirtless male dancers. She’s amazed by the women spinning plates and cheers on a young woman balancing a large vase on her head. People hold parasols in a circle on the dancefloor.

She dances by herself and turns to get something to drink.

Rating: 2/5

Mandy Moore sips her soda while she sits on the throne. Her mother comes over and gives her a hug. She thanks her mom for a wonderful party. “I wasn’t expecting flamethrowers!” Her mom tells her they wanted to do something special for her. Her mom remembered how much she raved about Croatia while she was touring.

A friend from the tour hands her a birthday gift and joins her by the throne. She, her friend and her mom share stories while they were tired on the bus. Her mother says goodbye and let them catch up. She excuses herself and says she sees her best friend. They squeal as they hug. She invites her best friend to meet her other friend from the tour. Moore says she missed her on the Boston stop and hoped her grandmother was better now.

She and her friends cheer for the dancers. They comment on which one is the best looking. Moore winks at one of them. Her best friend gives her a playful punch on the arm. After the performance, her mother brings out the birthday cake featuring the promotional poster for the tour as the picture. Everyone starts to sing.

She sets her piece of cake down near the throne as her best friend carries a large bag to her. She reads her card, which her best friend tells her she’s proud of her and says she’ll continue much success. One by one, she opens the presents. Before the last performance, she gives a speech. She thanks everyone for coming. She compliments the male dancers for doing such a great job and says it was nice meeting the children.

At the end of the night, she and her parents help her carry the presents to the car. Her parents asked her if she had a good time. She tells them yes. She had a chance to talk to people she hadn’t talked to in a while. Her father shuts the trunk and says he’s glad. She gets in the backseat of the car and leaves to go back home.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 2001

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