Video Review: Jessie J “Queen”

Against a slate background, Jessie J wears a tan bodysuit while walking between two white sheets. She covers her mouth with some of the mesh from her sheer shawl. She puts the shawl over face, creating a mask. As the sheets move back and forth, she folds her hands in prayer.

Wearing a red dress, she sits sideways on a throne.

Her image triplicates against the slate background.

A woman, her body covered in tattoos, stares straight ahead. A thirtysomething woman with vitiligo turns her head to the side. A plus-sized Muslim woman gives a defiant look. A twentysomething biracial woman tips her chin forward and places her hand underneath it. An African-American twewntysomething woman raises one arm in the air. A teenaged young woman with Downs Syndrome smiles. A sixtysomething woman puts her hands on her chest.

A twentysomething Asian women looks at her pregnant belly. A thirtysomething woman takes off her wig. A fortysomething woman with a disorder smiles. A thirtysomething plus-sized African-American woman winks and laughs.

Some of the women dance together in groups of three. A twentysomething woman kisses the shoulder of the first woman with the tattoos. The woman with vitilgo blows a kiss.

Jessie J touches the woman’s face who has a disorder. The twentysomething African-American plus-sized woman dances by herself, her image triplicates.

Wearing a black dress, Jessie J moves the sheer material around her body, her image duplicated.

Jessie J and all the women stand together as the two white sheets move back and forth.

While sitting on the throne, she dons a black tiara.

She and the women all blow a kiss. Some of the women hug one another and talk.

Rating: 4/5

The Muslim woman ignores the slurs she hears as she walks to her car. She clutches her keys in her hand and listens for footsteps. She gets inside her car and backs out as quickly as possible. A twentysomething African-American woman turns her head as a group of people whisper while she eats. She licks her fingers and tells them the food is great.

At the grocery store, a fiftysomething woman tells the thirtysomething woman she’s really brave and that she’s praying for her. The thirtysomething woman nods and says thank you. The fortysomething woman asks her about her cancer and she says she’d rather not talk about it. Her health isn’t a public interest story. A teenaged young woman is discouraged to join in any activities at school from a teacher. The students and other parents rally around her once they find out. She’s invited to help the girls’ basketball team.

Each woman has a faced a challenge based on what their physical appearance. Some people view them as invisible. Others call out racial slurs or make fun of them. Others define them by their illness. None of the assumptions are correct. They have learned to fend off inappropriate comments and take back their identities.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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