Video Review: 5 Seconds of Summer “Youngblood (Version 1)”

In black-and-white, the band walks down a hallway inside the venue, Luke fist pumps Michael. They walk on stage. Luke touches the fans’ hands in the first couple of rows. The mostly female audience hold up their fans and press record.

Ashton stands by some street art. Michael looks out the car window while his driver takes him back to the hotel. Wearing hoodies and jeans, they walk with hands in their pockets while traveling. Luke chews his gum as Michael laughs. Standing by the Eiffel Tower, Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum move closer to the camera and then each take a single turn.

Ashton thrashes the drums. Luke puts his hand over his ear as he sings. Calum films Michael and Luke with his video camera. Calum, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, eats in the dressing room before the show.

On stage, Luke puts one hand on his heart while he sings.

Ashton dances in the dressing room. A long line of women wait to get inside.

Ashton sticks out his tongue as he plays the drums.

Michael waits by the curb. In the bus, Calum looks out at the traffic.

On stage, Luke raises his guitar in the air and then shakes his microphone. He closes his eyes as he plays the guitar.

Rating: 3.5/5

Luke sits on the couch and drinks some water before the show. Calum digs into a hamburger. Ashton and Michael play a game. Their manager tells them it’s time to get on stage. They walk down the hallway in silence and enter the stage. There is no big cheer or dancing. It could be there last major tour with millions of fans in audience. All of it could end tomorrow without a warning.

They sightsee around the cities in Europe to kill time before the show. Luke stares at the Eiffel Tower, admiring its architecture and history. Calum suggests their usual coffee shop to visit in Paris. Luke writes a song on the napkin and ignores a text message from a young woman.

On stage, Luke tells his fans how much his appreciates them being there and hopes they had a lot of fun. After the show, their manager presses them to leave as soon as possible. However, Luke stays behind to talk to some fans. Amidst all the touring and music, he hasn’t had much conversation outside of people from the industry. She says she and her friends are exploring the city tomorrow. He recommends the coffee shop to them and gives them some passes to some art shows in the area. They’ll be in another country. She thanks him and he tells her to he has to go.

On the plane, they fall asleep. The partying has lost its allure. Luke texts some family members in the middle of the night once he wakes up. He sends them pictures and says he can’t wait to come home.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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