Video Review: Cardi B “Be Careful”

Midnight in the desert, Cardi B, walks carrying a cross. She drives on the road in the afternoon in her convertible.

Wearing a flowing wedding dress, she stands in the main aisle of the church, holding her bouquet. The crestfallen priest waits for the groom. The guests, wearing black cowboy hats and dresses, walk into the church. The groom arrives last.

In front of their guests, Cardi B says her vows to him. A man clutches some dice in his fist. A woman waves a fan in her face. Another man says the rosary.

She opens the door of the royal lit blue church and walks down the aisle to her husband’s casket. The guests stand up in the pews. She points her finger at him while she stands at his casket. She closes the casket and returns to her convertible. Somewhere in the desert, she stakes the cross in the ground at about 2 a.m. in the morning.

Rating: 5/5

Cardi B was a target. The marriage to her husband solidified it. The outlaws, which were invited to the wedding, began to follow her. She stayed in her home, gun in her hand, while she waited for one of the outlaws to charge into her home.

She didn’t want to die. Instead, she waited. Not a sound was heard when he passed. She checked his pulse and then called the police, crying. Her husband was a known womanizer with a mean streak. Everyone in the nearest counties wanted him gone. She did what she had to do.

Around town, she is the sympathetic widow. Women tell her she how she strong she is and invite her to tea. The men promise her protection and give her money to help her get by. However, she can handle herself. Love is no longer the goal.

Director: Jora Frantiz Year: 2018

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