Video Review: Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull “Move To Miami”

In downtown Miami, Florida, Enrique Iglesias drives on the lime green neon lit road. He parks near a building, lit in teal. A young woman takes off her jacket and shakes her chest at him.

He dances in front of his car and then leans against the wall, wearing sunglasses and a hat.

He watches as she dances on top of the car.

She and two other women dance in the club, where Pitbull is hanging out. Iglesias joins Pitbull by the entrance.

Pitbull stares at a young woman’s butt as they both stand by the wall. He taps her butt.

Iglesias sits in the backseat and rolls his shoulders as his friends dance in unison to the song.

Everyone claps their hands in the club. An eight-year-old boy dances at the entrance by himself.

Lightning strikes and Iglesias gets up from the hood of his car. He grins while he stands against the wall.

Rating: 2/5

Enrique Iglesias, who has lived in Miami for decades, visited the trendy clubs in the downtown area and drank a margarita at every beach while lying on the sand with his date at the time. His first year in the city, he celebrated Cinco De Mayo and competed in a boat show. He bought some art at the Art Deco Festival and danced at the Ultra Festival. However, he had recently gotten a job offer from another state and was going to move soon.

Some of the trendy clubs have closed down. The beaches have become familiar and the events are unchanging. While driving, he discovered an underground club and began to frequent it. It was a low maintenance setup with few neon lights and a mp3 player booming out a playlist. No one knew about it. As he hung out there during the weekends, he made some good friends. They visited some unknown areas and urged him to give the city another chance. It cemented his decision to stay in the city. He unpacked his suitcases and decided to bartend downtown.

Director: Fernando Lugo Year: 2018

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