Video Review: O-Town “All Or Nothing”

Ashley, Trevor, Jacob, Dan and Erik walk underneath a column. Erik kisses his girlfriend before leaving with the group.

O-Town perform a small club show.

Erik and Jacob walk downtown together. Ashley cuddles his girlfriend while they spend time at the pier. Dan passes a restaurant as he walks by himself. Ashley turns his head as he stops. His girlfriend folds and unfolds her hands. He glances at her again.

Trevor waits for the sports store to open. Ashley clenches his teeth as he parks. His girlfriend leaves and he follows her. Erik and Jacob work a song as they sit outside a store. Dan laughs with his girlfriend.

Ashley sees his friends on the sidewalk and parks on the curb. Trevor gives him a hug. Ashley’s girlfriend sits on the rooftop. Trevor and Ashley talk.

Ashley’s girlfriend walks into the venue. Ashley spots her from the stage.She walks to the front row. Ashley holds her hand. The band finishes the song.

Rating: 2/5

At the stop sign, Ashley had to ask if something was wrong. His girlfriend told him she had to think and be by herself for a while. He locks his car and follows in the direction he saw her headed. However, she had already turned the corner. He walks back to his car and shakes his head. The fame was damaging every aspect of his life.

Trevor confides in him that it’s been hard on him, too. Although he likes being on his own, he misses his family. They are working non-stop and he wishes he could put in for some time off. Ashley asks Erik and Jacob about their song. Jacob says he was writing it down at 2:00 a.m. The melody came into his head and he couldn’t sleep. Trevor whispers to him that Jacob exists for music and is already leveraging his solo career. Ashley checks his watch and says it’s time for them to go to soundcheck.

At the venue, they see Dan kiss his girlfriend goodbye. Erik hugs his girlfriend and gives her a lanyard. Ashley puts his girlfriend’s name on the list. He hasn’t heard from her in hours and hopes he’s okay. Between songs, Ashley looks for her. During intermission, he snaps at Jacob and tells him to stop chasing a solo career. The dressing room goes quiet. After Ashley exits, Trevor explains Ashley’s relationship problems.

In the final set, he sees her walk in and he grins. After the show, she greets him backstage and apologizes. He kisses her on the forehead and tells she doesn’t have to be sorry. She didn’t sign up to be a boyband’s girlfriend. He says the chaos is almost over. They have a half of a year left to tour. She tells him she can’t wait.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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