Video Review: Zayn “Entertainer”

A young woman, wearing a blonde wig (Sofia Jamora), closes her eyes as she stands by the putrid counter. The woman next to her applies some lipstick and walks on the floor.

Zayn puffs on his cigarette as he walks the city at night. She looks into the dirty mirror. The owner watches the camera in his private room.

On the floor, a man counts his dollar bills at the table. A woman runs her hands on the pole and sticks out her butt. Zayn enters the club. The kingpin sleeps in his chair in the back.

Lit in a scarlet red, Zayn finds a table and watches a woman spread her legs over the pole and some men throw money. He spots the young woman talking with a man at another table. He imagines them in a hotel room, kissing and making love as she gives him a lap dance.

The kingpin smokes his cigarette and glances at the cameras. The young woman places Zayn’s hand on her thigh and lets her cheek grace his face. In black-and-white, her interaction with him is being recorded. She leaves him.

He searches for her throughout the club and then watches as she drives off with the kingpin. From his home, he watches the sun rise over the rolling waves of the ocean.

Rating: 3.5/5

Zayn couldn’t sleep at all. He kept seeing the hope drain from the young woman’s face as she left with kingpin in his mind. She has given up. Although he sees her in between jobs for the kingpin, he worries about her. The kingpin has beaten dozens of men for not following his orders. It is likely he does the same to the women he chooses from the club.

She is simply a body who supplies pleasure for men. If she tries to leave, she knows she won’t survive it. The kingpin will have his henchmen follow her and return her back home. A lesson would haveĀ had be taught, though, and she shudders at the thought of it would involve.

He wants to get her out of the club and away from the kingpin. However, he knows there is such no thing as getting out. They both know too much and have helped commit several crimes. There is no one to help.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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