Video Review: Lenny Kravitz “Dig In”

On the television screen, a fortysomething woman motions over the jewelry, telling the audience to “look at all the shiny colors.” A box next to her advertises the prices for the jewelry box set and urges viewers to call now. The woman puts a hand on her heart as she talks about the perfume. Static interrupts the station.

A helicopter flies above a floating base at night on another channel. As the sun rises, Lenny Kravitz and his band perform. Grainy lime green and rusted orange light flashes. They continue to perform for days on end.

Kravitz plays his guitar on top of the structure as the helicopter stays close. He pumps his guitar in his arm.

The fortysomething woman points out how “pretty” the ring is on her finger and explains that “it’s gold-plated and it’s not going to hurt you, though.” She continues to say that “you are going to want to dig in here.”

Rating: 2/5

A thirtysomething woman sits on the couch, watching the television. She flips through the channels and then stops to admire the jewelry on display on one of the shopping shows. She listens to the maternal woman assure her that a single piece of jewelry won’t bankrupt her. She gazes at the ring the husband gave her last Christmas bought on clearance. She picks up the phone and starts to dial.

She sits up in her seat as she watches Lenny Kravitz sing and play guitar on a floating base in the middle of the ocean. Setting the phone down, she taps her foot to the music. Kravitz, away from the noise of meetings and deadlines, has made the floating base home. Her heart thumps as she watches him climb up the structure. He leans against the railing as though it were connected to cement on the ground.

If only she could be that fearless. She shuts the television off and gets into car. She makes a right to the expressway and drives until she sees the sign for the state line.

Director: Samuel Bayer Year: 2001

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