Video Review: Madison Beer “Say It To My Face”

Against a white background, Madison Beer frowns as she stares off on the television screen. Two peach candles burn beside it on the table.

She lies on the floor, wearing a white lace t-shirt and jeans, with dozens of men sleeping next to her. The shirtless men clean her kitchen. Two men lie on their backs, their wrists tied with rope as she sits between them.

In her family room, the men walk around her in a circle, holding a flower while she sits in a chair.

She pulls at a young man’s hair and moves his head.

On the bed, she grabs the men’s shirts.

A man massages her shoulders while she sits in the chair, wearing a chartreuse dress. With the lights off in her bedroom, she runs a piece of ice over her chest.

She stands inside the shower and touches glass door. The men hand her flowers while she sits in the chair and she pushes them away.

Rating: 1/5

The stories were true, the tattooed man thinks as he smokes his cigarette during a break. To Madison Beer, a man is only a number. As far as he knew, she was well-off but had a reputation for being difficult. She owned a high-profile startup and often advertised hard-to-find creative roles within her company. As he learned, there were only two roles available: boyfriend or assistant

It wasn’t unusual to walk into her home and to see several shirtless men washing the dishes or dusting. Beer, sitting in her chair, would often call out commands to them. One young man was trying to get to promoted to boyfriend, though, as he massaged her shoulders. They never spoke unless she talked first.

As a boyfriend, his responsibilities to were to hand over his credit card and allow her to max them out. Although she had the money, she didn’t care to spend it. Knowing she could damage a man’s future by racking up debt thrilled her. Sleeping with her, though, was a prerequisite to gain some of her power. A single “no,” though, was followed by threats.

He, like the other men in her home, did what they were told. They had been lured into a hotel room meeting with her for a job. He had believed it was normal practice, given her stature. A pre-interview, though, was held with some of her girlfriends, asking him about his dreams. Then, they ushered him through the door of her room.

He should’ve turned around and never turned back. He should’ve told someone. But he knew no one would believe him.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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