Video Review: Bazzi “Beautiful”

Bazzi stands on a mountain in Purgatory, wearing chains of fire. The chain stretch out both his arms. A young woman, circles around in the ocean blue clouds, wearing a halo and a white dress. She sits on her cloud, staring further into the heavens. He drops another level closer to Hell.

Wearing black wings, he sits on the mountain, free of the chains. He sees her glancing over shoulder, providing some light to his area. She holds him close as his section turns dark.

A teardrop falls from her face and grows as it enters Purgatory. It lands on Bazzi’s mountain. Her tears calm the fire. She rises in her cloud and suspends herself in the air. She takes a deep breath and then falls forward, landing on Bazzi’s mountain. Waves swell by him, covering his body in water up to his knees. He breaks free from the chains.

Forming into an aqua orb, she flies to him. She spreads out her arms and closes her eyes. Walking barefoot on the mountain, she holds his hands in hers. They embrace and stare up into the heavens. Becoming an orb, they sprint to the clouds.

Rating: 5/5

The punishment was far more than Bazzi’s girlfriend could handle. From her cloud, she saw him suffer and struggle with the chains. He wouldn’t let go and forgive himself. He continued to watch her friends and family below, torturing himself with his unending guilt.

Her death was painless. She felt the warmth of his hand until she closed her eyes. However, it was an accident. They happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He belongs in Heaven with her. She has met his grandparents and some of his dogs. His grandparents ask her when he is coming and she explains that he’s stuck in Purgatory. They plead with her to rescue him. Each passing day in Purgatory is an inch closer to Hell.

She sobs and prays. She reaches out to other angels, who tell her that it’s God who makes the final decision. With the blessing of God, she falls into Purgatory. With a look, she assures him that everything is ok. They will be among friends and ancestors. Their souls, forever bound together, will be as one in the afterlife.

Director: N/A Year: 2018


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