Video Review: Brian McKnight “Back At One”

A young woman walks up to the driveway of her home with a bag of groceries. She picks up the mail on the floor by the door and sets the groceries on the table. While she flips through the mail, the telephone rings.

Brian McKnight walks in a cornfield. A little girl stares at him as her father holds her. He looks up and sees the seared plane flipped on its side. Several firemen run past him. A helicopter arrives at the crash. While he continues to walk, he views parts of the plane strewn across the field. In a car, a little boy and his parents wait for him. He gets inside.

The young woman walks upstairs.

He smiles at the little boy. His mother turns around and glances at him over her shoulder. They end up in a traffic jam. He opens the door and gets out of the car. He walks between the lanes.

She answers in the phone in the bedroom.

The lights flicker as the plane shakes. The passengers brace themselves in their seats. He covers his ears and calls the young woman. He says his goodbyes and she bursts into tears.  She sets the phone down. He sits down next to her on the bed and whispers in her ear.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman opens the anniversary card and her heart jumps in her throat. It’s a plane ticket to go an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. She starts to cry and says she can’t do it. She runs off into the bedroom and closes the door. Five years ago, her husband died in a plane crash.

Up until now, she was okay. The few times she traveled for work, she took a Valium and settled in the plane. Her mind became blind to the past as she flew over a couple of states. She kept her relationships short and visited her family members on the weekends.

She and the boyfriend had been dating for 2 years. It was the longest she had been with someone since her husband. Her husband would want her to happy. The guilt overwhelmed her. She was moving on with another man. In her heart, she was betraying the love of her life. If she says yes to the vacation, it’s another step further away from her husband.

Her boyfriend knocks on the door and asks if he come inside. She answers yes and wipes the tears from her eyes. He tells her that she isn’t doing anything wrong. No one could replace her husband. She shouldn’t feel as though she live her life alone without any love. She gulps and cuddles in her arms.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 1999

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    The most beautiful and sad video I’ve ever seen

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