Video Review: Fall Out Boy “Champion”

A young man spars with his opponent in a rundown gym. He punches his opponent and knocks him out. The young man howls. In an office, a second young man in an office takes off the headset. He begins his presentation to his colleagues in a meeting. Returning to his office, he opens his suitcase and fills one of his drawers with some stacks of money.

At a strip club, a young woman takes off her robe and begins to spin around the pole. The men throw money at her. She kisses a man on his bald head. In a family room, a sixtysomething man wipes off the red lipstick and walks into his daughter’s backyard. His daughter and granddaughter greet him with hugs. He sits at the picnic table and opens his birthday presents. In a limousine, a publicist hands the tablet to her superstar actress, who is slipping from the A-List. She smiles at the paparazzi as she holds up the award at the event.

A police officer watches two young men set up a bomb. He and his partner apprehend them and put them in the backseat of their car. A fourteen-year-old young man gets pelted with paper as he walks home. He slips under his garage door and plays with his band. Pete Wentz sits in the dressing room. His manager taps him on the shoulder and tells him to time to go on stage. While his band members walk to the stage, he stays behind.

A third young man (Jaden Smith) sets the VR headset on the table. He smashes it with a bat and leaves.

Rating: 5/5

The third young man wanted to be somebody else. Every day, he attends school in his average neighborhood where nothing happens. His parents live paycheck to paycheck. He works a job to save up college and for his bills. The VR headseat offers him some release.

He can be a hero or an underground sports star. In each senior citizen’s body, he is reminded of his mortality. He pushes him to turn into famous people. However, as his brain realizes that it’s being tricked, the fantasies take on a bitter edge. The movie star is dealing with a public divorce. The rock star doesn’t feel as though he has nothing to say.

The fictional lives have started to stress him out. In an old man, he hears his joints crack. The boxer suffers an injury. The police officer is suspended and involved in a cover-up. It’s no longer an escape and twisted his own view of reality. The line between fake and real has become tough to determine.

Director: N/A Year: 2017


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