Video Review: Jennifer Lopez “Do It Well”

At night, Jennifer Lopez, wearing a beaded trench coat, walks in stilettos, on the shining sidewalk. A group of men talk by the next building. She checks her phone by the police car. The message reads: “Please help me. 10 Union St.” with a picture of a little boy.

A man in a suit rushes up to her as she stands on the stairwell. He confronts her and she pushes him down the stairs. Everyone turns and looks to look at her. A young woman spins in a giant hamster wheel. Walking onto the dance floor, she glimpses a woman lick a phallic object and breaks up a fight between two men. She and two women start to dance.

A heavyset woman hands money into a man’s hand. Wearing an orange babydoll dress, she dances on a strip in the club and then throws something at a young man. She searches in one room and sees a woman applying makeup on a shirtless man. She walks past the graffitied walls.

Wearing a lime green dress, she kicks a man a pushes another man into a hot pink neon heart hanging on the wall. She opens a door and sees a room sprawling with cake. The man in lies listless in the chair. She asks him a question. He answers no and she slaps him. On the bed, a young woman feeds a second obese woman. A young man chained inside a cage glares at her.

Wearing a black minidress, she and several people dance on a rose painted floor.

In the hallway, she passes a man wearing a mouse mask crying out in a fake trap while a woman holds onto him. She kicks open another door and finds the little boy in the kitchen. While she walks out with him, a man follows her and shouts. She shoves him down the stairs. The boy grins.

Rating: 3/5

The little boy was on the news. His mother was pleading for his safe return. Jennifer Lopez had been given several leads but they led to sketchy alleys and fields. Then, she received a message stating the exact address. Time was running out. She lets her office know and went searching for him.

Dealing with the missing children cases everyday has hardened her. The club she is heading to is nowhere a child should be. It skeeves her out as she spots some politicians and police officers indulging in their fetishes. The individuals she finds usually know something or are connected to some sort of crime.

In her final check, she discovers the boy. He asks him if he’ll be able to see his mommy and daddy. She answers yes but first they need to ask him some questions. Although the little boy seems unharmed, he may have been subjected to some unknown abuse as well.

A few weeks later, she heads into work for a meeting. They applaud her as she comes into the door. Her co-worker hugs her and tells her they caught him, based on the information the little boy gave. She had saved the little boy. According to her boss, the little boy had only a few hours left. She grins as she walks back to her desk. Not many of her cases end up with happy endings.

Director: Dave LaChappelle Year: 2007



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