Video Review: PrettyMuch “Teacher”

Nick walks into the studio and gives Brandon his hand to slap hello. Zion spins in the chair. However, Brandon sticks up his finger towards Nick’s chest.

Against the white background, Nick, Zion, Austin, Brandon and Edwin all begin to dance. They make driving motions with their hands and touch their chests. Nick makes a spinning motion with his hands. Austin runs up to Edwin and sticks out his hands. Austin laughs and pats Edwin on the shoulder.

Nick pretends he’s walking down a flight of stairs. Austin keeps pulling his hair back. Brandon hops onto Nick’s back. Austin finds a cone and tosses it to Nick. Nick throws it back to Austin, who forms a square with his arms. Austin then Austin then takes the traffic cone and turns it into megaphone. Austin also puts the traffic cone on his head.

They all continue to dance and then join Austin, who is sitting on the floor. They glance at one another and then get up to dance again.

Rating: 4/5

The manager of PrettyMuch turns to the director and shrugs. He tells the director he had to yell at them to go to sleep. They were up to midnight, talking about which girls were cute at the meet-and-greet. The manager says they are like rambunctious puppies who want to play and eat all day. However, they have become close and their work ethic has improved over the last couple of months.

Nick, Austin, Brandon, Edwin and Zion want to be every young woman’s first pop star crush. Zion believes he has a majority of their hearts and personally responsible for any record sales they receive. Austin, though, talks a mile a minute about the latest sports game and always cracking jokes. However, he’s also the most creative with the traffic cone. In the little downtime he has, he likes to draw. Nick wishes he could be as confident as Zion. But Austin assures Nick that they all stand out in own their way.

Edwin and Brandon watch every sports game. Then, they play their fantasy games and compare notes. They spend their money on athletic shoes and the latest tech. They want to be in the know. However, they also have an alternative plan in place in case if they get dropped from the label.

Director: N/A Year: 2017


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