Video Review: September “Cry For You (International Version)”

Speeding through a magenta and teal lit factory, September performs by a lavender dotted screen in a room of leather clad duplicates of herself marching. A young blonde woman, wearing a visor and a white outfit, surveys each one. A brunette young woman, also wearing white, stands in the center of the group of Septembers. One version of herself, wearing black, dances on a platform.

Several versions of the young blonde woman dance against a black background with a grainy mesh over her body. A duplicate version of herself stops marching and runs. The young blonde woman alerts the brunette. The brunette begins to look for the duplicate of September. Towers rise up and down.

The duplicate version of September takes off her mask and walks. A noise behind her causes her to run in the tunnel. The young blonde woman shoots her laser gun. The brunette catches up with the duplicate in the tunnel. The duplicate presses the teal button and the door opens. She looks back one last time.

Rating: 3/5

September no longer wonders why she is being duplicated. One late night, the government took her away. She cried out, asking why and where is she going. She fought them off as they aimed a syringe at her. Then, she closed her eyes.

When she came to, she woke up in a lab with electronic charts examining her brain and body. Deemed a perfect specimen, they locked her to a bed and took skin graphs for samples. Her mind fuzzy, she couldn’t gather the energy to protest. She was too afraid.

One by one, she watched as they created robotic versions of herself from scratch. She was told to lead them. In the corner, she danced for them. They listened to her and chanted her with as they marched. In certain ones, she noticed flashes of a personality. Those were taken care of quickly. It took her a while to recover. For her, it was a rejection of some part of herself.

September believed each version was becoming smarter and evolving. One, though, was able to fool the women in white and anticipate their attacks. The women in white had been whispering amongst themselves since the one got out. September continued to dance, her ears perked for any new information. The government was losing control of the experiment. It was going to end soon and September knew she had to prepare to attack.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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