Video Review: Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin “I Like It”

In Miami, Florida, Cardi B stands outside the door of her home. A street vendor slices through some ice. A fifteen-year-old young woman licks her ice cream cone. Cardi B gives a little girl some money and then walks down the street, wearing a sunny yellow skirt with a Marc Jacobs crop top.

Against a rose background, she dances.

On the balcony of her home, she wears a red dress.

A sixtysomething woman fans herself while she lies on her lounge chair.

At night, two boys ride their bicycles. Cardi B, wearing a patterned crop top and glares, dances with Bad Bunny and J Balvin at an empty club. Bad Bunny blows into the hookah.

Bad Bunny dances in the street and checks out some women. A young woman shouts from her fire escape to her ex-boyfriend who is standing below. People lean against the wall of a building.

A second young woman smiles at J Balvin and puts her arm him as they dance inside a club. The band plays in the corner.

Cardi B sticks out her tongue inside the empty club.

Rating: 4.5/5

Cardi B puts her hand on her pregnant belly and takes a walk. Her neighbor next door asks her if she needs some help. She responds that she’s all right. The little girl across the street from her runs over to say hi. She asks her how she’s doing in school. The little girl wants to know the baby’s name. She says she doesn’t have an idea yet. The little suggests a name. Cardi B gives her some money and tells her it’s for some ice cream.

However, being pregnant hasn’t slowed her down. She meets Bad Bunny and J Balvin at a club. Bad Bunny smokes from his hookah. J Balvin tells them he’s going to buy the place. They celebrate his new business venture. Bad Bunny and Cardi B watch as a young woman walks towards J Balvin, grinning. They tease him and want to know who she is.

On the balcony, while wearing a red dress, she feels the baby kick. She wants to be a good mother and wife. The pregnancy wasn’t planned. But now, a life without a baby seems selfish.

Director: Eif Rivera Year: 2018

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