Video Review: Kenny Chesney “Get Along”

In the parking lot of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, Kenny Chesney stands on a cooler with two billboards behind him. To the left, an orange heart is drawn over an island, stating Kenny Chesney’s Love For Love City. Underneath it says the concert will benefit the survivors of Hurricane Irma. To the right, is the logo for No Shoes Nation with a skull and cross bones in the center of the billboard. He stands across a pirate ship.

During rehearsal, he taps his bare foot on the stage.

Four young girls wave. A little girl draws a purple heart on the blank billboard. A fortysomething man shows off his No Shoes Nation tattoo on his arm. At a booth, with two lawn chairs on top of it, a handmade sign reads “The Bar At The End Of The World,” On the end, a wooden signs states Kenny’s Toast. Fans wave No Shoes Nation banners.

A young woman holds up a huge cardboard version of Chesney’s head over his. Two twentysomething women kick up their legs and dance on the grass. A group of people hold up their signs.

His band sits cross-legged with him, playing their guitars next to Chesney.

Young women blow kisses. The little girls continue to paint hearts and messages on the billboard. They show the paint on their hands. Young women make a toast,

Chesney sings in the pirate ship. He greets his fans as they stand behind the barricade. Some women stands behind him while he plays on stage. Inside the venue, his face is projected on the screen as he plays his guitar. He holds up a Virginia is for Lovers t-shirt.

He helps a young man with Down Syndrome on stage. The people cheer for him outside as he finishes his set. Chesney blows a kiss to the audience in the venue.

Rating: 1/5

Kenny Chesney takes over the iconic Tampa Bay Buccaneers pirate ship as part of his tour. Buff in his muscle tee and jeans, he adorns the ship with flags saying No Shoes Nation. Stripped of its team spirit decorations, it becomes a stand for living loose and partying hard.

Before the show, fans tailgate at their cars and dance on the grass. They drink for hours, repeating Kenny’s Toast over and over until they stumble. People compare their tattoos and compete as to who is the most dedicated fan. Twentysomething women wear as little as required, hoping to kiss him after the show.

As word gets out that Chesney is coming, fans stand behind the barricade and scream for him. They reach out their hands. wanting to touch their idol. He says hello to them by the pirate ship and performs an early preview of the show for them. He thanks them for being there and waves goodbye as he returns to the venue.

Nonetheless, he shakes his head as he hears from his manager that people are getting arrested for starting fights and defecating in the parking lot. People have pushed back at security, stating they paid good money for their tickets and will do anything they want. He tells his manager that he’ll mention something during the show about responsible partying and safety.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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