Video Review: Pharrell Williams “Come Get It Bae”

A fortysomething woman stands by a mirror as “beauty has no expiration date” is written on the screen.

The women, varying from 30 to late 40s, turn their heads and put both hands on their bodies. Pharrell Williams films from his chair as he watches them. The women raise their arms up and then tap their knees. They rotate their arms and then nod their head. They turn around, shake their hips and clap.

Rotating from black-and-white to color, as Williams films, the women continue the routine. They dance in front two mirrors in a modest studio. The women, after their solo, sit on a white carpet on the floor or at the side of the mirror.

Sevearl womens’ solos get split into four screens. Four different women get featured in the split screen. Williams joins them the first woman in the upper right hand corner.

Miley Cyrus pours sugar into a smiley mug while she sits on a plastic aqua couch. She sticks out her tongue while dancing with Williams while dancing in the living room. The women hug Williams after their solo.

Cyrus and Williams kick up their legs. Williams put his hat over his crotch.

He gives the women high-fives as they prepare to leave.

Rating: 5/5

Women of a certain age become invisible to society after certain age. By thirty, women are expected to be married and driving her children to elementary school. At their jobs, they are passed over for an inexperienced twentysomething woman or a man (of any age). Gray hairs are a sign of weakness and make up must be on at all times.

Pharrell Williams decides to feature them in a documentary and get their stories. A fortysomething woman explains she was unable to find another job after taking care for her family. A thirtysomething woman discusses how men ignore her at the bar. A third woman says her doctor didn’t believe she was sick. She went to five doctors before finding one who listened to her.

The women thank Williams for letting them have some fun and reminding them that they are valuable individuals. For an afternoon, they could whatever they wanted and dance to current music without getting the side-eye from people.

Director: Luis Cervero Year: 2014

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