Video Review: Kesha “Hymn”

Riding in the backseat of a driverless convertible, Kesha stares up at the stars while traveling through the desert.

In a small apartment, a child sleeps in her bed as her mother, a few feet away, leans on a cabinet. A twentysomething young man sits in a bathtub with his head down.

A light flashes on the daisies in the field and a second young man sitting on the roof of a building. A twentysomething woman smiles as the bright light shines on her. A couple eat their dinner in the dark. A young man puts a shirt on and walks out the door of his mobile home. He follows the round burst of light shooting across the sky.

At about 10 p.m., Kesha’s car stops at a precise stop on the road, the headlights glaring on the group of people, watching the sky. Kesha joins them and waits. The car rises from the road and hovers below a spaceship. She watches as her arm raises on its own, in unison with the group of people. They begin to dance.

The car enters the spaceship, covering the area with a blinding white shield. The next morning, she opens her eyes as she walks on the road. Glancing over her shoulder, she sees the group of people from last night.

Rating: 4/5

Kesha didn’t know where the car was taking her. It arrived on its own at her doorstep. She believed it was a part of a promotion at first and called her manager. Her manager told her nobody said anything to her. After fiddling with the controls, she got in the backseat. Then, it began to move.

It took her out of the city and into an unfamiliar area of the desert. The humming of the car’s engine was all she heard for hundreds of miles. She watched the sun set and searched for people alongside the shoulder.

The car came to a sudden stop. A group of people had gathered underneath a round burst of light. She realized why the car was for her. She looked at the people next to her. Some of them were doe-eyed and expectant. Several men seemed resigned. A child took her hand.

While being raised to the spaceship, she and the people were placed in a computerized utopia, recreating their lives. During supervised meals with the aliens, they talked and discussed why they were taken away. Kesha said she believed each one of them had been abused and were vulnerable. They needed to not to fear the aliens. They were there to help them heal.

Returning to Earth the next morning, she gave one final look to the group of people. They had bonded, experiencing a decade within hours of meeting. However, none of them were coming with her. She was still by herself.

Director: Isaac Ravishankara Year: 2018

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