Video Review: Milli Vanilli “Baby Don’t Forget My Number”

A young woman, sitting by her bed, flips through stations with her remote and decides to watch a movie.

On the rooftop of a building, Rob and Fab jump into the air and claps hands while their band plays. They slick back their hair and begin to dance.

The young woman looks at her phone and then lies on her bed. She opens her magazine as she watches television. She moves the phone next to her.

The young woman had been writing her notes when Rob had introduced himself at the diner. They said goodbye and exchanged numbers.

With the piece of paper on the nightstand, Rob inputs the first number into the phone. Fab walks into the bedroom and the paper flies out of the window. Rob reaches out the window as it floats in the air and lands on the curb. A man walks on it and it sticks to his shoe. Rob and Fab skid outside their apartment building and get on their bikes.

The man gets inside a taxi. Rob and Fab ride their bikes behind the taxi.

The woman flips through the stations on the television again.

Rob and Fab chase the man down the sidewalk and lift his foot. Rob mutters under his breath. The young woman says “hello” to Rob as she walks out of her apartment. Rob points to Fab, who shrugs.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman shuts the television off. Every person was on the phone, talking to someone about their day. She stared at the phone again, willing it to ring. Rob seemed like a genuine guy. He was adamant about getting her number and meeting up for lunch. She replayed the conversation in her mind and cringed at all her giggling. She puts her head into her hands. No wonder he didn’t want to talk to her ever again. She decides to get some air. Putting on her coat, she walks outside and sees him.

Rob, flustered, fumbles through his excuse and then blames Fab. Fab gets back on his bicycle and rides home, shouting that he doesn’t want to get in the middle. Rob says she wouldn’t believe his crazy story. “Tell me,” she answers. He explains that he was just about to call her.

She squints her eyes and asks him how did he end up here. He says he was dialing her number when, “whoosh,” the paper blows out the window. He makes a sweeping motion with his arm. She nods as he continues that he and Rob raced down the stairs and then watched as a man walked away with the paper on his shoe. Rob and Fab unlocked their bikes and rode nearly three miles. He had Fab looking at the pavement, searching for the paper while he directed him to turn as they followed the man.

They stopped the man and picked up his foot. Fab apologized while Rob told the man he stepped on something important. Rob saw it wasn’t there and instructed Fab to find the cab. It has to be on the bottom of the floor. Then, they ran into her. He smiles as he says it worked out perfectly. She nods and says she’s late for her shift at work. She waves goodbye to him and mouths “oh my god” to herself as she walks away.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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