Video Review: Livvia & Quavo “Catch A Body”

Decked in black leather, Livvia puts on lipstick in the bathroom. She pulls out her phone from the pocket and places it on the flourescent counter. The message from Quavo reads: “Special Agent Livvia. Nullify Threat To Humanity. Failure Is Not An Option.” She walks across a section of glass on the floor as she heads to the information. On the screen, she eyes a man with slick, jet-black hair.

She gives her drink order to the bartender. In the corner, the man with the jet-black hair watches her. A second man sips his drink and smirks at her target. The second man grabs his throat and coughs. They both watch the man slink to the floor. The man with jet-black hair takes a knife and throws it towards her. She rolls on the ground as glass breaks around her.

People run and hide while she stays at the end of the counter, waiting. She pulls out two guns and starts shooting at her target. In the center of the bar, she takes off her jacket and watches as several men circle her. She punches and wrangles a third man’s arm. She kicks and knocks out a fourth man. A fifth man glares at her as she inches back. She punches him and then takes out three other men. The fifth man lies on the ground and she steps on him with her heel.

She and her target aim their guns at one another. He pulls the trigger and realizes there are no bullets. She shoots.

Jacket over her shoulder, she walks out of the bar and opens the passenger door of the car. After she gets inside, her driver heads onto the main road.

Rating: 4/5

The man with the slick, jet-black hair knew Livvia well. They had dated for several years. Her mother often made pot roast for him whenever he came over for dinner. She had told him she was an accountant who lived in the city. He had questioned her constant traveling and she told him it was for conferences. Deep down, though, she believed he knew.

However, she didn’t suspect he was a rogue agent. Her boss had presented her with the intel and wanted to know why she wasn’t protecting herself. The next week, he broke up with her and she realized what a mistake she had made. She had told her friends they were planning to get married and now it was all gone. None of it had been real.

During her mission, she shuts off her emotions. She punches and kicks with all her strength. As she kicks one man, digging her heel into his chest, it relieves her of some of her anger at her stolen life. Nonetheless, she finds herself side by side with the man she once loved. He tries to shoot but it’s a blank. He couldn’t do it. However, she can.

Director: Jay Martin Year: 2018

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