Video Review: Stevie B “Because I Love You (The Postman Song)”

Stevie B walks into his apartment, reading a letter from his ex-girlfriend. He sets his jacket on the bed and looks up. He leans against the window and stands at the piano, playing a few notes. Sitting on the piano bench, he starts to sing and taps his foot as he composes a song.

He places his hand on his heart as he walks by the windows again.

While the rain pours, his ex-girlfriend dances by him as he writes a song. She sits next to him at the piano bench and throws her head back.

He returns to his bed and rereads it again. Lying on the bed, he turns the page.

Rating: 3/5

The letter in mailbox took Stevie B aback. It was from his ex-girlfriend. On the way to his apartment, he unsealed the envelope and started to read. In it, she explains that leaving was the best thing she could do. She loved him but not enough to stay. She was confused and needed some time alone.

He paces around his apartment. At the piano, he starts to hit the keys, finding a melody to ease his mind. He continues to play, although he mostly “ooh’s” He writes down some lyrics on a notepad.

He thinks about the letter again and returns to his bed. Certain phrases spring out at him while he parses it. She seems to be convincing herself it’s over. The letter itself is long. She likely kept it short. There’s a longer version she threw away. He also notices she didn’t cross any words out.

At the dinner table, he writes a letter back to her and encloses the tape of the song he wrote. He asks her for her opinion. She always believed in his music. Perhaps it could bring them back together.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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