Video Review: Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled & Cardi B “Dinero”

In black-and-white, Jennifer Lopez rolls a diamond-encrusted bowling ball down the long hallway of a mansion. DJ Khaled eats some chips by the garden. The gated fence opens for her as she walks on her driveway.

Wearing a strapless dress and lace mask over her face, she sits inside her king size bed. A line of butlers carry trays of food. A young woman, wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt and shorts, vapes on of the lounge chairs near the pool. DJ Khaled walks down the hallway.

Wearing a gown, she flips a steak on the grill and a holds a diamond-encrusted cup in her hand. A plane flies low over the lake, connecting her mansion to the backyard. She tosses a steak over her shoulder. At the dinner table, DJ Khaled puts a marshmallow in his small tea cup.

Three shirtless men play poker with Lopez. The chips materialize by her as she looks at her cards. She smokes her cigars and takes all their chips. DJ Khaled pulls up in his limousine to a private jet. Lopez and DJ Khaled roast marshmallows over a pile of burning cash.

She walks her pet peacock through the gated fence. Wearing a fur coat, she inspects her nails as she sits on the steps. Cardi B plays a game of croquet in Lopez’s backyard. Money flies over her as she holds the mallet. She gazes at the tray of cups filled with diamonds next to her.

Cardi B and Lopez sit next to each other in bed.

Lopez spray paints a dollar sign on a Lyft car. Cardi B plays the slots and wins in Lopez’s bedroom. The three shirtless men sit on the car. Lopez and Cardi B read their respective Time magazine articles about each other.

Lopez, wearing a glittering jersey and track pants, performs a routine in the foyer with several dancers.

DJ Khaled sits in a movie theater watching a Robert DeNiro movie.

Lopez rubs her arms while she stands in the indoor pool. A horse looks at her.

Rating: 5/5

Jennifer Lopez looks at her direct deposit online. For a day’s work, she received a $3 million dollars. It’s time to shop. She snaps her fingers for her assistant to come over. Her assistant scurries over, tablet in hand, and asks her what she needs done. Lopez rattles off some store names and asks her to check to see if any of them have any sales. Her assistant chips “sure!” and begins scouring the Internet for coupon codes.

While walking to the kitchen to marinate the steaks, she pets her ostrich and tells him he’s a good boy. She answers DJ Khaled’s text and says she’ll meet him at his private plane in the evening. As she seasons the steak, she jots a note for a private plane. She wants one, too!

Lopez’s wealth has fluctuated over the years. There was a period where she pinched and downsized as her career cooled. She sold off two homes and several cars. The multiple divorces had strained her finances as well. However, she had to keep up appearances.

Cardi B, who is new money, dresses up in pantsuits and big hats, learns how to play croquet. She’s heard about the Hamptons all her life and wants to fit in when she vacations there over the summer. Lopez has been guide as she transitions from working class to bourgeoise. Wealth is a lifestyle, one of fashion and class. Cardi B, so far, has learned about dinner forks and proper etiquette at awards shows. Lopez has proven to be a great mentor.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2018


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