Video Review: Bryce Vine “Drew Barrymore”

Wearing a red suit jacket and white shirt, Bryce Vine stands in the hallway inside The Madonna Inn. On television, a young woman (Christian Serratos) smiles. He walks into the bathroom where three carbon copy versions of the young woman wait.

The second model standing to the left walks towards Vine and puts her arm around him. The young woman sits on top of him in bed. He films her. The video shows up simultaneously on the television.

He fixes her mouth into a smile while they eat at Alex Madonna’s Gold Rush Steakhouse.

Wearing a pink crop top, she runs her hand along his arm while they stand at the tennis court. He shows her how to hit the ball. She takes some frosting off the cakes on the table and licks her finger. She dabs some on his cheek and licks it off.

They dance on the tennis court. He pitches her a serve and she stares at him.

A robe draped around her, she walks to the center of the restaurant and motions for him to come over. He takes off her robe and they dance.

He puts his head on her naked stomach while she films him. They cuddle at the restaurant.

Rating: 0/5

Bryce Vine had turned off the young woman’s power with a quick poke behind the back and put her back in the bathroom. The first model to the left had picked him. In his evaluation, he stated that she was assertive but didn’t understand sports. Speech was still new to her. However, she understood emotion.

The next model, though, kept malfunctioning. She knew basic skills and could speak really well. The flaws in her system prevented rendered her asexual. There was no physical response when he touched her. The third model scared him. She was violent and aggressive towards him. He had to contact tech support to subdue her.

He wrote in the feedback section that he would like to order a model once they are available. By inputting a code, unfavorable nuances could be changed. It’s a fee he would be willing to pay. He would also like to see a blonde or a redhead. There needs to be more choice. After filling out the form, he tucks himself in bed and sets his phone for 7 a.m.

Director: Declan Whitebloom Year: 2018

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