Video Review: Gwen Stefani & Slim Thug “Luxurious”

Gwen Stefani runs her hand over her body as she lies on a floor of plastic wrapped candy.

Wearing a flannel shirt, white bra top and boy shorts, she and her friends walk in the city to get their nails done. She sits at the station and pulls back her hair, watching as the woman applies her long nails. Two of her friends read a magazine together while they wait. She glances over her shoulder and sees a family has come into the salon.

The wine red nail polish drips in the bottle. She blows on her nails after the woman finishes and then checks them for any chips. In bedroom, her friends hang out on her bed. Sitting on her knees, she brushes her hair in front of her floor-length mirror. She crawls over to her table and gets her hairspray. She spritzes some perfume on her neck and lines her lips.

Slim Thug raps with two male dancers in a red patterned room. Stefani dances next to him.

She hugs her next door neighbor and dances in the backyard with some of the children from across the street. She fluffs her hair while a couple of kids walk past her with balloons.

Two men put their hands over her eyes. She walks inside a room, carrying a stick and hits the pinatas hanging on the ceiling.

At the barbecue, she holds a little boy in her arms and waves. She points to a friend she hasn’t seen in a while and sits on another man’s lap. A father and daughter sit at a picnic table, their paper dishes filled with food and people watch. A little boy scrapes ketchup of his hot dog. She and a little girl laugh as they get splashed while sitting by the pool.

Rating: 4/5

Gwen Stefani returns home from her shift at the call center in the early afternoon. Her Latina neighbor across the street waves to her and then begins to walk to the curb. Stefani checks both ways and then meets her at the curb. Her neighbor asks her if she could babysit tomorrow during the weekend. Stefani says she can. Her neighbor’s little girl runs up to her and gives her a hug. She gives him the little girl a kiss and asks her about school. After they talk for a bit, she says goodbye.

In the driveway, she sees her boyfriend’s truck. She calls out “hello!” and puts her purse on the counter. Her boyfriend walks into the family room with two of their friends. He asks her about work and she heaves a sigh. She explains on her lunch break, she heard a sixtysomething white woman behind her whisper loudly that she was a chola lover. She ignored her as she waited for her order. The woman continued to glare at her.

Her boyfriend explains that she grew up in Bay Point and it’s what she knows. She’s as part of the community like everyone else in the neighborhood. She contributes to the barbecue held in the beginning of the summer and coordinates the garage sale. She’s a godmother to at least one neighbor’s child and several call her aunt. The woman doesn’t know her and wouldn’t even step foot in the their neighborhood.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2005

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