Video Review: Selena Gomez “Back To You”

Standing with her arms at her sides, Selena Gomez remains indifferent as a male classmate talks to her. Inside the house, the light rotates from aqua, sea green and to a scarlet red. She smiles to herself as she stares at her first love standing by the shelves of vases. He turns and smiles at her.

They meet by the window. She asks him if he “wants to steal a car.” He agrees and they sneak out the window. He pulls the vintage car in reverse in the driveway. While he drives, he asks where if she had any place in mind. She suggests Europe, Canada and Michigan. He comments that she “looks like Selena Gomez.” She turns her head and glares.

In the afternoon, they sit in the car. She takes off her sunglasses and turns towards the backseat, asking “can you believe this guy?” He questions her as to why she’s talking to no one in particular. She throws up her hands and says “it’s the audience.”

In the forest, she acts out several emotions. She runs out of the car and pulls on his tie as they walk in the field. She takes pictures of him while he films her with his video camera. Lying on the grass, surrounded by apples, she laughs. He bites into an apple. He throws a paper airplane in the forest. She opens it and reads a Wanted flyer with their faces on it. She asserts that she’s “not going to jail.”

Gomez stands by the window by herself as the light rotates.

She reads a book and comments that they have to destroy the car. He protests it, saying the car is a classic. They walk out the cabin and he points to the burning car, exclaiming that he “can’t believe” she didn’t listen to him. She yells that she’s “not going to jail” and walks away. He demands to know where’s she going. She calls out “back to the party!” They sneak back into the house through the window.

She returns to the same spot. Her first love turns to her. They meet by the window. She asks him if he “wants to steal a car.” They leave.

Rating: 4/5

Selena Gomez, in her ruffled sequined dress, meets the same people at the parties. She and her friends know everyone. Young, rising male stars in their expensive suits chat her up with their accomplishments and dodge the topic of her romantic life. In the corner, she searches for her first love and they exchange knowing glances. Her best friend tells her to stop and warns her that he will hurt her again. She shrugs. Her first love has broken her heart over and over. However, he’s the only person who truly gets her.

They move towards one another in the house. She asks him if he wants to try again. He shakes his head yes, saying it kills him whenever he sees her with someone else. They leave without a word and escape back into their own world again. Her best friend sees the photos on the gossip sites and texts her with a “WHAT!” Her best friend adds a please be careful to her message. Gomez promises that she will. However, she knows she won’t. Giving into him is all she knows.

They spend every moment together. Her manager and family arrange a meeting with her. They tell her she has to break up with him. He’s only going to drag her down with him and that she deserves better. She exclaims that they are both happy and to let her make her own mistake. Her mother tells her to end it now. She tells them no.

While hanging out with him, he says they will make it this time. He doesn’t want anyone else. She tells him it’s over. He says he loves her and that he matters more than her career.

Three months later, they run into one another at a friend’s party. They find each other again and talk. They kiss and drive off in secret, cherishing each stolen moment.

Director: Scott Cudmore Year: 2018

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