Video Review: The B-52’s “Roam”

A compass flies among the clouds in the sky. A lavender hand with various markings flails to the side. Cindy and Kate’s faded faces appear.

The grey sun flashes. As some blue sparks fly out, Fred’s face looks up from within the sun.

As the violet mountains scroll by, Kate sings. Keith appears in front of her, playing the guitar. The mountains change into an aqua waterfall. Kate looks at a camera reel of a camera walking next to her. Kate dances in front of it.

Fred, Keith and Cindy dance in front of a globe. Schneider kayaks. His eyes bug out as he watches a man jump off it. Fred, Keith and Cindy clap while several people dance in the forest. Schneider leaps as several men prepare to fight. Kate, Fred, Keith and Cindy rotate by a pyramid. Cindy runs with some children in Africa.

Against a teal waterfall, Cindy sings while Keith and Fred dance on top it. Bagels and bananas fly in the air. Fred repels over a mountain and gives the other climber a thumbs up. Keith dances in front of some Asian women. Three guitars turn on tables in the desert. Keith levitates by the cacti. Fred flaps his arms as a bird flies above him.

Cindy and Kate sing next to the people working in the field. Cindy climbs a tree. Fred swims in the ocean and then dances with some German people. A man breathes fire in the Middle East. Lizards crawl over one another. Keith, Cindy, and Kate float in space. An alien passes by them.

Rating: 3/5

Keith, Fred and Cindy got their passports and settled on their first destination: Europe. They made a list of the places they wanted to see and packed only what they needed. Once their flight arrived in France, they put their backpacks over their shoulders and walked.

They stopped at a hostel and took a nap. There wasn’t a rush. Cindy wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. However, halfway there, they got lost. Instead, they took a ride on the Dodo Manege and drank some wine at the Montemarte Vineyards. Next, they took the Metro to Greece and came across Skyros. Fred toured the Hellenikon Pyramid.

Cindy and Kate, though sunbathed by the waterfalls in Japan and ate authentic spaghetti in Rome, Italy. They packed their bag with knickknacks from the street vendors. In between Asia and Australia, they cleaned dishes at a restaurant and saved up for their next flight.

Two months later, Fred, Cindy, Kate and Keith returned home, exhausted. Their feet were sore and raw from walking all the time. Their bodies had a rancid smell from being unable to shower at times and their stomachs ached from their unbalanced diets. However. they would do it all over again.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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