Video Review: Backstreet Boys “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”

Against a wall of tiny butterscotch bulbs, Brian looks down and puts his hand on his heart. Kevin and Howie move their arms. A.J. puts both hands up in the air. Nick reaches and fades.

Lit in royal blue, a young woman, wearing a hood, appears on the screen while they look at the floor. As the screen switches to cotton spots falling against the blue, Nick leads the routine.

Howie sings against a black-and-white striped screen. The royal blue runs over the stripes. Nick snaps his fingers. Kevin dances. AJ. points. Howie leads the routine.

Brian punches his heart against the black-and-white screen. It’s his turn to lead.

A young woman, stretched out in the floor in a dress and heels, tilts her head while the butterscotch bulb screen.

The cotton balls of light aim for A.J. who stands in the center. The young woman pulls her long ponytail over her head. A.J. sings to her as she slowly dissipates. She touches his face and then becomes smoke. He grabs for her.

Against a splotchy cardinal red lit screen, A.J. touches his heart and Howie tosses his jacket. Kevin continues to dance. A flash of magenta passes through as AJ. points to the ceiling. A.J. waves his arms around as his body melts in the red. Kevin’s hands duplicate as he turns and becomes dust. Nick creates a heart with a hands and shoots off to the left side. Howie spins as he melts. Brian crosses his hands in front of him as he becomes smoke.

Nick’s hand is on top of the camera as they continue the routine again. White lasers point in all directions. Magenta and lavender spread across the screens. They turn their heads and put their hands on their hearts as the tangerine lit stage.

Rating: 0/5

Kevin tells his little boy to eat his vegetables. Nick inspects his reflection in the mirror and asks the stylist to put some makeup underneath his eyes. A.J. practices a walk-through of the routine and then sits down for a break. gasping for air. Howie walks past the catering area, eyeing the fried chicken steaming in the tin. He puts some salad in a bowl instead. Brian watches old videos on Youtube and makes some suggestions to the choreographer.

After their break, they wait for the director and talk about past concerts in the late 90s. Brian says he met a woman at the meet-and-greet who said she was a fan since she was teen. Now in her late 30s, she told him she introduced her kids to their music and they play it all time. Kevin remarks that he feels really old. Nick says he’s thinking about getting a facelift. They tell him not to do it.

The director calls out “action” and they start their late 90s dance moves.

Director: Rich + Tone Year: 2018

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